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The Scent of Fruit Filled the Air…

at the Knit and Dye night at my house last night!

Yes, we were Kool-Aid dyeing in the back yard, and having a high old time.


Unfortunately for me, that meant no knitting time for me, pout, pout — particularly as the kids that came with their moms thought this was a wonderful idea; so the popular colors disappeared in the wink of an eye, and I and my unusually dutiful daughters were kept occupied mixing, helping, and microwaving.  An emergency run to the local grocery store needed to be made by one of my friends for more Kool-Aid (fortunately, it was ON SALE, 9 packets for 99 cents! And when my friend went, the blue was back on the shelves — it was out when I went there earlier — so that was great!). (As you can tell, I now describe powdered drink mix by color, not flavor….I ordered what I thought was blue raspberry online, it said raspberry and was in a blue packet — when it came, it was the INVISIBLE kind! Wahhh!)

So it was a great success and here are some of the results:


I only dyed with what was left over, so pretty much all of mine are heavy on the reds and pinks, which is fine by me:my-skeins.jpg

except these two,

warm-pastel-skeins.jpgyellow-green-skein.jpgI used a different technique and microwaved an already-wound skein soaking in the dye, which means that the color changes are less regular so more random looking when knitted. (Hard to get dye to the center of the ball with this technique, but I did it with this red/purple skein

red-purple-skein.jpgby dropping powder into the center and wetting with enough water to permeate.)

Here’s the Preteen’s:


And the Gothlet’s:


Now the fun part is knitting them up.

Some knitting happened!

knitter2.jpg knitter-and-dyer.jpg

We all stayed up past our bedtimes: the Preteen took a picture:


T – 1 … Almost Blastoff for Mystery Stole 3!

(But who’s counting?!)