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Dewy Eye Candy Friday

We have had day after day of cool, moist mornings, with fog and dew.  No rain till a few days ago, and today it will rain again, later.  (This is good, we need it.)

The dew makes my feet wet when I walk to my car or bike in the morning, but it’s lovely up close.



ITLAPD (Arrr!)


Th’ sun is risin’ this fine mornin’ o’er the flag on the mizzenmast bluff.


This very day, September 19th, as ’tis ever’ year, be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Need a PirateSpeak Primer?

Then join th’ piratical party that’s goin’ on all over th’ seven seas!

I be Red Anne Bonney, shiver me timbers!  Who are ye?

My pirate name is:
Red Anne Bonney

Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate’s life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

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Echinacea Eye Candy Friday

Late Summer Echinacea

Late Summer Echinacea

Still blooming in this lovely September weather we’ve been having. 

Echinacea, or purple coneflower, in my garden.  A native of these Midwestern prairies, and as useful as it is pretty.

Quick Fun, Lots of Pictures

Last weekend, Labor Day, though I had to work much of the weekend, there was one day that ended up free of  needing to go into work.  So, to celebrate the adjoining birthdays of husband and daughter, a flying visit to the Twin Cities happened!

I showed you  the twilight photo from Hyland Lake Park Reserve….that was a Saturday Sky picture from Saturday night last weekend.  But we hopped in the car earlier Saturday afternoon, crossed the Mississippi River under a blue, blue sky


(one of several egrets watching us go by in the backwaters of the river)

and headed north to a hotel I had found for a great deal on Hotwire, at the intersection of Hwys 494 and 100.  

(We weren’t the only ones finding a great hotel deal.  This hotel wasn’t even built yet, and it was drawing a crowd:)


Coming soon?  Cant wait!

Coming soon? Can't wait!


After we settled in, the birthday girl and her father wanted to go to the Mall of America; the Gothlet agreed; and I wanted to be part of the family but also was looking at this view outside the hotel:

Bloomington Saturday Sunet

Bloomington Saturday Sunset

It was a gorgeous night, and we were very close to a nature reserve (much closer than to the MOA!).  So I chose to go for a lovely walk instead.

There were multiple lovely views of the Saturday Sky:


Sumac shadowed

And then, as I walked back into the developed area where the hotel was, and night fell and the moon rose, it was still lovely.

An urban lake reflecting Saturday Sky:

Then the full moon became part of the streetscape.

Can you see it there?

How about now?


After the shoppers returned, and a good night’s sleep was had by all, we set off for our actual destination: the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  

Adornments were acquired:


she wishes

she wishes

Food and drink were consumed, archery was watched and cheered (there was a longbow tournament), all manner of fun was had.

Knitting, of course, occurred.  My Monkey socks came with me, and were knit upon.

But, sadly, I needed to be back that night, so as the sun set we were on the road again, and pulled into our driveway as a pumpkin moon rose.

Short but most enjoyable.  Sometimes you have to snatch your fun times!  Especially in such a good cause.

Happy birthday to my 14-year-old RockStar!  And my beloved husband (who would not thank me for trumpeting his age).

Tall Grass Eye Candy Friday

Actually, one of last Saturday’s Saturday Sky pictures, taken at dusk at Hyland Lake Park Preserve, Bloomington, Minnesota.

I promise to tell you more tomorrow! 

But for today, enjoy a little more serenity.