Daily Archives: June 27, 2007

Have You Seen Me?

fingerless-gloves-with-kimik-yarn.jpgI have visual proof that this completed fingerless glove existed — you saw it right here a week or so ago.

Now the completed glove has disappeared. I can’t even finish the other one, because it needs to match the other as far as length, top shaping etc. (Since I’m making it up as I go along.) Everyone in the family including the cat denies having seen it. I don’t think it’s flown away like the Tsarina’s Odette. But it’s not showing up in time for me to finish the pair to send to Sheri.

Oh well, it can be a future gift when — not if — it finally shows up! But that’s part of why I quick knit another pair (nicer, to tell the truth), which I mailed yesterday —

model-fingerless-gloves.jpgbecause I was going to send TWO pairs of fingerless gloves, by gum! One way or another!

Tonight should be fun — I’m hosting a backyard Knit Night, and the weather looks like it’ll be great — sunny and low 80s. Not only knitting and cold drinks, but yarn dyeing is on the menu! Fun with Kool-Aid! A few kids including mine are going to be there too, but it’s so very not just for kids; I have achieved very pleasing and sophisticated results with dyeing with powdered drink mixes. (Of course, it helps if you like red!) ; )

Well, one of the better examples of how it can look, is the lace weight yarn I dyed in this way: it required mixing some flavors to get the teal/sea-green I wanted, and the grape took over a bit more than I envisioned, but it is still cool!

Here it is in my MS3 swatch (again)


I also made a lace scarf for a friend from this, and have plenty left, even after another lace scarf, to make more lace-y projects in the future.