In no particular order, I’m a knitter, dancer, doctor, mom and wife. I love yarn, books, music, the outdoors, and learning new things. Some may know me as Cathy-Cate — my nom d’internet. (My husband always calls me Cate, I think because he dislikes the name Cathy, though he has never admitted it. Then he introduces me to his friends that way. So I answer to either or both. Just don’t spell it with a K…)Β  Find me on Ravelry as CathyCake.

I live in Wisconsin, in a 115-year-old construction zone (aka Victorian former college rental house) with my musician/producer/multitalented husband and our two lovely and similarly talented daughters, the 14-year-old RockStar (formerly The Pret**n) and the small Goth one, The Gothlet. Did I mention they knit? (The daughters, that is.) Also, currently to be a pet in our household, it helps to be orange and capable of eating mice [we have an orange tiger cat, Citrus, who thinks he’s a dog, and an amelanistic (‘red albino’) corn snake named Trinity (she’s a girl — we think)]. A black kitten, Beya, skirted the requirements recently and joined the insanity.

I think– and write — parenthetically. Apologies to any linear readers.

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  1. Hi again Cate !
    I would like to point out another similarity (other than the Lord of the Rings thing) but I have Orange cats both on my Website ( BIG ones) and 2 at home with my mother who are enormously spoilt. Must be an common denominator.. orange mogs and yarn πŸ™‚


  2. Somehow I didn’t know you were a fellow Wisconsonite. Sorry you can’t make it to CAP.

  3. How HAVE I missed you? I’ve seen some of your comments elsewhere, but I recognize a fellow cheesehead/hivernant/knitterhead sort when I see one. I guess I’d missed meeting you at CAP too (although met, loved and am indebted to kmkat forever more). I’m in Madison, am a process knitter (of no great skill but whomping enthusiasm) and have the seemingly-requisite feline companion(s), Evangeline & Lilliane, who generously let us live in their house as long as we follow the rules (FEED us, clean the litterboxes, FEED us, snorgling when we want it. Oh…and FEED us.) So…just wavin’ from down here in Madison!! (Uhm…hmmm – could be “wavin’ from UP here in Madison, if you’re like, in Janesville.) ‘ALLO!!

  4. Nice to meet you. Enjoying your site. I have two mice eaters – one gray and the other brown and black stripes. They’re fabulous! πŸ™‚

  5. Hello (again) you are the same cathycate i know from Tsarina of Tsocks, right? i got directed to you blog re your post on shells.. (from the ravelry group of Unexpected Knitting…)

    Nice to “meet you again”… (and now i am off to add you to my ravelry friends…

  6. Hello! I am writing to see
    if you wanted to contribute to
    an afghan for Rachael at yarn-a-gogo
    in sympathy for losing her mom. I
    am trying to collect 8 inch knit
    Please contact me at knitdelaware
    ATyahooDOTcom and let me know.
    Thanks! Krista M

  7. Hey,

    Can I use the images of your goth barbie for a party flyer image to a free event my band is doing? Please let me know & send email. Thanks!


  8. Hi: I learned of your site while searching About Knitting and looking at Scarf patterns. I’ll look for you on Ravelry. I’m new to Ravelery and go by annofgreencables. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  9. Hello Cate – I was reading about how you changed the BO for your Waterfall Scarf because you were confused by the BO instructions. Me too! Do you remember what you did? Many, many thanks! Betts

  10. Hello there!
    I would like to knit the grow with baby hat for a 3 year-old. How do I allow for that?
    Love the hat, love your site.
    Could someone please email me at
    susanreynoldsvc@hotmail.com. I would appreciate that immensely. Thank you so much!


  11. When I first started bogging a year ago (www.planetjan.wordpress.com), I was checking out lots of blogs to see what was out there. I have to admit that I first thought your blog’s name was “Hitler and Yarn.” Whoa! Gotta read THAT one. I’m a middling knitter – Sewing is my drug of choice, but I do enjoy reading your posts.

  12. *ping*? Tried to email you, but it bounced. Everything going okay?


  13. Listen to Peter Wyton’s knitting poem Needles And The Damage Done – live recording on youtube and at http://www.myspace.com/peterwytonpoet

  14. I’m a WI blogger too! I’m pretty new to knitting (really I only know the basic stitch) but I can hardly wait to start learning all sorts of new stitches and patterns.

  15. Cathy – it was great to visit with you at the art fair and hear of your travels. I love your blog. Are you on FB as well? My dream (after Baxter is gone…but hopefully not for a long time yet) is to have two orange kittens. I’ve been wanting an orange cat for a long time. I did not know that about you. Perhaps someday I will learn how to knit socks – that’s on my bucket list of things to conquer. If you have any good books, classes or sites to suggest…I’m open – winter is coming.

  16. I would like the pattern for the pioneer braid scarf. When I download it the pages come cut off and some come out blank. Could you email them to me please. Thanks

  17. I feel in love with the raven feather fingerless gloves, but this is the last time they were mentioned: https://hitherandyarn.wordpress.com/2008/01/31/help-i-need-somebody/
    Is there a pattern yet? (danismorgan at gmail)

    • Sadly, I don’t know a date for availability. There is a pattern and there was interest in the pattern by a dyer & publisher of patterns. So I transferred the pattern to that dyer & was compensated. However, they have not published it yet (there were plans for a book, which has not materialized.) I will let you know if there is any progress! Cathy

  18. Hi, Cathy,

    I’m not very web savvy and i’m hoping i can reach you by leaving a comment here…. I have this question: the totally volunteer mindfulness/meditation group i coordinate in Philadelphia is hosting a free, daylong retreat and i’m hoping it might be possible to use your photo of flying geese for our materials for the day. (If you agree, i’ll still need to run it by the flyer team). If you want to check us out our website is http://peacefulcity.org/ . The retreat is called “Resting in Mindfulness.” If the team approves it, would this be OK with you? We’re hoping to finalize the flyer this week. If you’d prefer to phone me to discuss, my number is on our website under “contacts.” (Seems weird to list it here.) Thanks! Thanks!


  19. how can I print the Pioneer Braid scarf pattern without printing all of the comments?

  20. I sent you a message in Ravelry. Is there a better way to get in touch?


  21. Megan Birch-McMichael

    Would love the pattern for the clergy stole (I’ll pay!) My mother is a priest and I think she would love this.

  22. I would love to buy the Raven Feather pattern if you’re able to remember… I’m knitting a “shield” dress with textured panels to communicate the stages my life has gone through and the patterns of life I’ve found. Your Raven Feather is like no other, I know I could never work it out!! Please please please… Thanks, Wendy

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