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Can You Say “Birthday Blog Contest”?

Not long ago, I whined about being born in November. Despite the fact that I share this birth month with some really cool people (like Lisa, Vicki, and Chris right off the top of my head, and many more I’m forgetting or don’t even know about, [ETA:  like Jennifer who left a most entertaining comment] I’m sure!), I’ve always kind of wished I was born in some other month. In this neck of the woods, November is a very gray and brown month. Granted, the grass has not yet turned completely brown as it usually has by now, but it’s working on it. Most of the leaves have fallen, and the ones on the ground have turned — brown. The trees are gray and brown. The sky has been gray.



Too dark, too rawly cold to do much outdoors, and no real snow to do anything fun with yet. This is good weather to curl up inside with a cup of tea and a book. Or my knitting. Or all of the above. (Not that that’s happened any time recently, but I can dream, can’t I?)

So, since fiber and words are my comfort in this season, I am announcing a birthday blog contest combining the two!

Here’s the scoop:

Please share with me a favorite poem, or a quotation you really like. I love good writing!

Here’s the twist:

I have a sizeable enough stash to open a small shop, I suspect. (My husband threatens to put the yarn out on the front porch with a sign saying, “Free Yarn!” My only reassurance is it wouldn’t all fit. . . .)

So, instead of putting up as prizes some nice yarn that may not, however, be to the winner’s taste — I’d ask you to also tell me what your favorite yarn color/s, weight and type of fiber would be. And I will go into my stash and come up with something that you will like. (Not a lot of cashmere in the stash, though, be advised!)

Here’s the fine print:

Leave a comment on this post with a favorite poem or quotation. Also tell me your yarn preferences (which should be fun reading all by itself!). Deadline is November 27, the Birth Day, at noon US Central Standard Time (I have to work in the morning).

Since I am turning an age which has more than one 4 in it, there will be 4 winners.

  1. Behind Door Number One will be one prize for the funniest poem/quotation.
  2. Behind Door Number Two will be one prize for the Deepest Thought — something touching or thought-provoking. (Jack Handey Deep Thoughts would be good for Door Number One above.)
  3. Behind Door Number Three, will be two prizes to be randomly awarded.

(And if you’re born in November and win a prize, you get a double bonus!)

Judging for Prizes One and Two will be completely subjective and biased, though ties will be broken by applying to junior female family members for their opinion. A random number generator will be enlisted for the prizes behind Door Number Three.

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday, even if it is in November!

Here’s one of the good things about November — the November flower, chrysanthemums. They’re both pretty and hardy; a little frost, a little snow, no problem. And lovely colors that say “fall” to me. (I just wish I had some bronze ones right now, but those I did have, didn’t overwinter one cold and snowless year.)




I took my header photo in my garden this October, of a mum I planted. Mmmm, mums!