Daily Archives: June 4, 2007


Visible Knitting Progress!

Here’s Pink Fuzzy posing on Giant Hosta;

please ignore the fact that it apparently took me almost a week to finish one single sleeve! pink-fuzzy-posing-on-hosta.jpg

You all know how garter stitch stretches, right? How the 5-foot garter stitch scarf becomes a Dr. Who scarf with wear? Well, that worked in reverse for me with this; when I had the cardigan on the needles, top down, the needles weighed down the cardigan and stretched it way out, with this super light, fine yarn. Even when I laid it down to measure. Then when I cast off — POOF! A foot shorter! Or at least 6 inches, I swear! Not so much with the sleeves, and now I’m wise to its tricks, anyway. It’s still OK, but I pictured it being longer. Glad I didn’t bind off any sooner.

It was almost dark when we came home from the Gothlet’s school talent show (she tapped to “Rhinoceros Tap”, choreography by her, me and (one set of steps from her recital) by her dance teacher Jen; and sang “Can’t Buy Me Love” a cappella with a friend). So just a couple pictures from the garden tonight:


Love this silvery fern.


Another mystery plant.  Any ideas?