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Saturday Skies and a Sideways Revue

To make up for the recent Saturdays that I didn’t take pictures (rare, but it happens); today I ended up taking a number of Saturday Sky pictures!

I thought I had taken my Saturday Sky picture this morning on the way to work: the beautiful Spring Green leaves against a cool blue spring sky were gorgeous.

But then, I thought perhaps you’d want to see the construction crane at work today: you’ve seen it before!

Nothing exciting on it today, though.

Then, this afternoon, there were scattered showers amid sunshine, with predictable results, so I had to take another picture.

But quickly it cleared up again, so that when I went to the post office 15 minutes later to MAIL THE GRAND PRIZES FOR THE BLOGIVERSARY RAFFLE*, I had to take another picture, this was so striking outside the post office:

OK! Surely a surfeit of Saturday Sky pictures for one day, all fine pictures!

But then, after eating the ceremonial first drive-in meal of the year, a storm blew in from the north near sunset:

(I couldn’t capture the lightning, but it was quite a show.) (Frickin’ power lines, though. Front yard and back yard both. Grrrr.)

Speaking of quite a show:

(How’s that for a segue?)

Daughter number one’s school musical was last night — one performance only!

I have to tell you the story. When the cast list went up, she only knew the name of her character and nothing else, given that this was a no-name play (i.e. nothing you’ve ever heard of). But she came home rather excited, saying, “I think I have a big part; because I have TWO NAMES!”


Well, the 8th grade boy who always gets the lead was one of the only other characters on the posted cast list who had a first and a last name. Most of the other characters just had a first name. Her character’s name was “Laura Carter”. Two names.

She was right; she was one of the leads. She sang a solo as the second song of the play. And had a second solo later, danced, was on stage much of the time. She was awesome (and it’s not just mom talk here). She gets those performer/actor genes from her father!

She also did a monologue before the play, “Cinderelly of the Valley”, a Valley Girl retelling of the Cinderella story, pretty funny, except everyone kept telling her it wasn’t really acting for her, which made her pout. Anyway, we seem to have a young triple threat on our hands. She really is a formidable singer, a quite good dancer, and a good actor as well. ‘Twill be interesting, the next few years and onward….

True confession here: I may take a few pretty pictures; but a videographer I ain’t. And I have proof. I didn’t know till now that you can’t readily rotate a video the way you can a photo. (At least not with my camera & software or lack thereof.) But if you want to see & hear the twelve-year-old sing & dance a bit — SIDEWAYS — here you go. (Just don’t send me the chiropractor’s bill, please.) Those of you here for the knitting and the flowers — nothing more to see today! Tomorrow, a bit o’ knitting.

* Consolation prizes are mostly put together, except for a few final selections, and will go out Monday, hooray!


Big G in the Sky

No, that’s not a religious reference.

Though the Green Bay Packers are pretty much a religion in these parts; remember this? packer-inflatable.jpg

And do you recall the Crane with Christmas Tree? Well, here’s the Saturday Sky this morning:


Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of G.

Looked a little more dramatic last night, I must say.

In other news of the realm, another weekend, another Show Choir performance:


Yes, that one in the center was born to perform. (Can you believe she’s only twelve?)

Today, I hope to photograph and upload some knitting progress, slow as it may be (spread out on too many projects due to a bad attack of startitis); maybe get some stuff done at home after working this morning; and go to an office party tonight, then possibly (if I’m not exhausted) go to hear my husband play really loud music in a smoky bar. Hmm. Husband = wonderful, music = great, loud = not-so-great, smoky = ick. Probably depends on if I have a couple drinks at the party, how I’ll feel about it! Either ready to party, or asleep!

Oh, yeah, and though I am not a Cheesehead by birth, I still wish the Packers well in their playoff game today. I suspect it will be a good day to go do almost anything if you’re not a football fan — groceries, mall. The streets of the city will appear deserted. (City? Heck, the entire state!)

But maybe we’ll just stay inside and watch the game like everyone else.