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Saturday Skies In Arrears

Whirlwind tour of the last month as seen in Saturday Skies:

This Saturday just past was gray and cooler, but finally in the last few days I have seen incontrovertible signs of spring.


Buds on my mother-in-law Helen’s crabapple tree, among other signs.  Yes!

The  Saturday before, we (the family) were taking the train to Chicago for a special outing.  The girls had never been on the train before.  The RockStar, who was unconvinced beforehand, has declared it the only way to travel now!

Archetypal Chicago Skyscraper cityscape view upon arriving last Saturday:


(did you see the plane with contrail?)

and the sky behind Navy Pier on an early evening expedition:


Going backwards in time:

The previous Saturday was the day I was supposed to leave Seattle (um, yeah.  More about that later).  A lot of moving from place to place that day, so multiple Saturday Sky pictures, actually.

Saturday Sky as seen from the Kingston-Edmonds Ferry, leaving Port Ludlow and Sock Camp: with another ferry in the picture,


and without.


I caught an airplane going overhead from the ferry also.


Later in the day,  Saturday Sky behind the EMP (Experience Music Project/SciFi Museum) and the Space Needle.


(You can see it was a gorgeous day in the Seattle area!  Of course: it was the day I was (supposed to be) leaving….)

Then, at my friend Astrid’s house:


No,  the spider’s not on your screen, nor was it in Astrid’s and Greg’s house, but on the outside of the porch sliding door!  Here’s a prettier view sans arachnid….beautiful lakeside sunset in a safe harbor on the shore of Martha Lake.



A week before, I got on the train in the evening to leave for Sock Camp, after a very busy day.  So the only picture I have of the Saturday Sky is a blurry twilight picture from the moving train, as we crossed over the Mississippi just after leaving the station.


Oh, and a picture of black almost-midnight sky over a different Mississippi River Bridge as we went through Minneapolis, a few hours later.


Yes, it’s been an eventful set of Saturdays!  Sorry to keep teasing about Sock Camp….despite kmkat‘s valiant efforts to persuade my work to ‘let her knitter go’, it was another busy weekend.  Besides which, I took over 1000 pictures at Sock Camp and on the train.  And, frankly, condensing does not come naturally to me:  I want to show you ALL the best pictures and tell you EVERYTHING!  But that would take a very long time.

If you come over and knit sometime, and want to see, I’ll show and tell you everything.  In the meantime, I’ll work on the Reader’s Digest version.  (Before I leave again on Thursday….)

More Eye Candy Friday from Camp (and an IOU)

Flowers of the sea.

The bottom starfish there has a nudibranch buddy.  A Leopard Nudibranch, to be exact.  (Thanks, Astrid, for sleuthing that for me even while I was still on the train coming home!)

And… can someone PLEASE let my work know that working double time to seemingly make up for my vacation days at Sock Camp is playing havoc with my blogging time?  I work tomorrow too, but hopefully later this weekend I can fill you in on the camp goings-on!

The Story of Sock Camp as Told in T-Shirts










All of the above were worn at or connected with Sock Camp.

Except the kitten.

(All will be revealed in the fullness of time….)

Real Flowers from Sock Camp this time


Not that last Friday’s flower were fake!  But these flowers really ARE from Sock Camp, not just posted from Sock Camp.  Flowers on a shrub planted at the Inn at Port Ludlow.  This was the first morning.  And then it was cloudy and rainy until the last day.

But hey, that’s good knitting weather!

This is a mystery flower to me (which probably only means it’s not hardy here, that’s all — like so many things that don’t like -20 F temperatures!).  But they were beautiful and fragrant, too.


Just got back a few days ago, and it’s been crazy at work and home, and there are church obligations now too.

And tomorrow we leave for Chicago (after I work).

But I’m taking my laptop with me:  I hope to catch you up with more of Sock Camp (and the train ride) than flowers soon!