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Worldwide Knit In Public Day Saturday!

This coming Saturday, June 9, is Worldwide Knit In Public Day (WWKIP Day)!  Some cities have organized events happening; otherwise, all are welcome to knit where you are — in public!  (Of course, for some of us, EVERY day is knit in public day!)

world wide kip day 2007

I am very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, apparently — I am leaving for Chicago for a work meeting tomorrow, and plan to be there Saturday at the WWKIP Event at Millennium Park! At least for a little bit (our family has tickets for something special at 2 pm, so I can’t stay long), but there is NO way I can miss this event — it is meant to be, obviously, that I would be in Chicago at the right time and place, so I must go.  There’s a few more details and a link on Bonne Marie’s ChicKnits blog, so check it out if you, like me, will be in the Chicago area Saturday.  See you in the Boeing Gallery South, near the Crown (Faces) Fountain, at noon! I’ll be the one with a pink fuzzy thing on my lap!   (Well, hopefully it will be done by then, but I’m not counting on it.)

world wide kip day 2007

Courtney Sue Knits posed a question yesterday about unusual places people have knit in public.  Here’s my response:

Let’s see — yes, I HAVE knit in a Las Vegas casino (which could have mortified my husband, but he’s used to it) (granted, I wasn’t gambling!); yes, I’ve knit during movies in movie theaters, though slower during dark scenes. (I can knit stockinette without looking if it’s pretty normal yarn — try it if you haven’t! Not as hard as it seems.)  I’ve not knit significantly in bars because the smoke smell clings to the yarn, and if you drop the yarn it can get sticky icky (and because I don’t get out much). I’ve knit in a canoe; while on a 15-mile walk; and in the dentist chair. One of the more unusual places, I suppose, to some, was in my hospital bed, the day after surgery. A double ‘in public’ whammy was knitting during breastfeeding in public! (baby in a sling, old enough to stay latched on, simple project!) Speaking of whipping things out!
My husband’s vote for the most unusual place I’ve knit would probably be for the tattoo parlor. My husband and the artist involved are both still very impressed at the fact that I knit while I was being tattooed. (I later gave that scarf, a lovely soft alpaca/merino/cashmere blend, to the tattoo artist.) That just doesn’t seem that remarkable to me, but there you are!

I won’t have the ability to upload pics, and probably won’t have computer access, while I’m gone for the next four days, so I’ll catch you all up on my return.  There will be FOs!  And KIPpers!  And Chicago knitting landmarks!  Wait for it!