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Anastasia in the mail!

So, there was this thread on Ravelry….

A fearless knitter was planning to challenge herself to knit 52 pairs of socks in 2011.  Yes, a pair a week. For non-knitter, a pair of socks has tens of thousands of stitches….

She invited other Ravelers (yes, that’s what we call ourselves) to ‘help’ her in her quest: by sending her sock yarn, and our foot sizes, and pattern suggestions: she would knit us socks!  Of course, for all her time, we would send her extras too, above and beyond the sock yarn, which after all was being returned to us.

I had the good fortunate to see the thread at the right time, and took advantage of Ajay, ‘KnitterOrdinaire’ (no, she’s not an ordinary knitter!)’s generosity.  I sent her some of my Twisted yarn, in the Ankh colorway and Playful base.  Plus some Handmaiden Casbah yarn in one of our mutual favorite colors, and a couple other tidbits.

By random luck, I happened to be first up.  Together, we picked Anastasia Socks as the pattern.

And look what I got two days ago (and was able to photograph yesterday, finally).

Look how the spirals go the opposite directions on these socks! Cool, huh?


Thanks, Ajay!  You are the BEST!

I thank you, and my feet thank you!

L is for (Seasons of) Lace

For my L entry for the ABC-Along, I wanted to celebrate the loveliness of Lace, as well as mention a new KAL for all Seasons, Seasons of Lace.

(If you click over and are intrigued, I think you can still sign up today! But there is anticipated to be a Winter of Lace, also . . . yet now is the Summer of our Lace Content!)

So why did I sign up for this AND Summer of Socks? Me, who doesn’t consider herself much of a joiner?

Well — in the summer, I figure I’m knitting Lace and socks anyway! Sometimes both together:

(The Preteen’s Fern Lace sock which I designed and made last summer.)

Too hot to knit anything much heavier.

I have Nora‘s Lace-along projects to happily work away at: Forest Canopy,

which has progressed minimally, and Wendy‘s Diamonds and Purls,

which saw a lot of progress in Chicago but not so much since (derailed by Hypnosis socks briefly!).

Fortunately, for Seasons of Lace, the rules say this:

Projects that are started before June 21 are still eligible to enter the Raffle Classes as long as they’re less than half finished on June 21, and they are worked on and finished before the end of the the Summer of Lace.

So these projects ‘count’ as Summer of Lace projects (assuming I finish them before September 23rd! Groucho voice here: “I soitanly hope so!”). Which means I could win a random prize or a judged prize for them, potentially.

Those should keep me busy, along with finishing Hypnosis sock #2

(wrist knitting-itis is doing much better), and frogging and restarting the meeting sock.

(Summer of Socks socks need to be totally knit between today and September 1st. The Meeting Sock will count since it will be totally redone.)

Then, what next? So many things I want to do! So many socks, so much beautiful lace!

(I supposed I could finish the Mystery Stole 3…..

It’s so lovely, it deserves to be finished, even though it’s (a little) more than half done and doesn’t qualify for Summer of Lace. Or I also started the MS3 in cream laceweight, barely, very pretty, that could happen. A Ravelry group just started for “UFOlympics“: (Ravelry link) Instead of a knitting challenge, finishing UFOs while watching the Olympics! Either of my MS3 shawls could qualify! (Let’s not even talk about the socks!)

But I want to start something new, whine, whine, after I finish the above projects (FC is fine, but basic; Diamonds and Purls is fun, and I’m plotting beads for the edging, Wendy said I could, so that will be exciting — definitely not burned out — but still not in the mood to go back to MS3 after I finish them). So maybe I will join UFOlympics but start something new in the Lace realm when I finish the above two Lace projects.

It’s hard to believe I never knit any significant Lace until starting Mystery Stole 3 last June. I’m certainly addicted now.

It’s looking like a favorable forecast for a lovely Summer of Lace!