Daily Archives: June 25, 2007

Looky what I got!

First, to set the scene:

I was out of town all day at a work meeting; long drive; luckily I was passeng-ing, so that meant knitting time! But a headache developed on the long drive home, I think due to the heat, the AC and a little dehydration. I stopped at work and did a little computer stuff, but the headache convinced me to go home; before I logged out, I checked on the computer and was excited to find that my beads from Emilia Beadelia’s Bead Shop had been delivered!

So I made my way home, tired and hurting, but with anticipation.There were several packages.

(Some you will see tomorrow.)

I first found the one I was looking for. Bead Wondrousness! You will see that tomorrow also.

(Cue Carly Simon here: An-ti-ci-pa-ya-tion! It’s making me wait!)

Melanie, you have much to answer for — I am now a knitter who knits with beads, and the world may never be the same! (I first typo’d ‘never be the sane’, which may be true also!)

After caressing and ogling the beads and checking them out with the yarn (Tomorrow! Tomorrow! you’ll see them Tomorrow! It’s only a day away!) , I turned to the other boxes. What’s this box? Not something I ordered? What could it be?


It’s a wonderful prize package from Susan of kitkatknit for guessing the identity of Unlucky, the unlucky rabbit’s foot!

It sure isn’t for the not-quite-immortal poetry and country song lyrics I wrote….

Read the whole sad story here, if you dare (as she says, warning, not for the faint of heart):

But first, look at this!

Okay, I am cherishing each bit of bounty, so you are gonna get subjected to all of it!

First, some AWESOME hand-dyed hand-spun 2-ply yarn from Kitty Grrlz Knitz & Spinz! in “Bejeweled” colorway! I was instantly full of ideas about what this yarn wanted to be; we’ll see what it ends up telling me. Enjoying its company are two rubber ducks with character (the one on the left has a grass hula skirt on!) I’m also pondering on their names.

Then: the sovereign cure for a headache

(heck, this’ll cure about anything that ails you!):


Click to enlarge and see the magic words: Chocolate. DARK Chocolate. Truffle. Espresso. Seattle Chocolates. And All Natural, to boot. OK, I’ve forgotten about the headache by now. And, not to be left out:

inventory-card.jpg A needle inventory card. No lie — last night I just said to myself, “Self,” I said, “I didn’t know I had two pairs of size 5 24″ Addi Turbos — I really have to start keeping track better!” And lo, what should come to me as if by fate!

Thank you, Susan! Talk about a lucky “Unlucky” guess!

Now, my plan HAD been to post about Mystery Stole 3 beads and yarn, to start a weekly tradition of “Mystery Stole Monday” (we get our clues on Fridays, starting THIS Friday, so I’ll show off the weekend’s progress on Mondays) , but that plan had to take second place to my lovely prizes! So it’ll keep till tomorrow.

Off to hide the chocolate from my family until I can enjoy it properly….