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This is Hallowe’en, This is Hallowe’en

….Pumpkins scream in the dead of night.

I would too, if I saw that.

The Gothlet, as a (cracked) doll.  She kind of freaks me out.

The RockStar was considering dressing up as a Mean Girl a la the movie (teenage villainnesses for our time, I guess!).  But after putting together part of a Santa Girl costume, she found a beard in the dress-up chest and couldn’t resist.

But then she ended up going to a party instead, and not trick or treating.  Pity, in a way!

They had fun; I stayed behind and handed out treats.  My husband was off playing a gig (a memorial and fundraiser for his drummer, sadly, who died suddenly recently).  He’s still there, and I hope it’s going well.  Musicians often don’t have insurance, as he didn’t.  His short illness and funeral thus racked up bills for his family, which the benefit concert aims at defraying.

So, good thoughts for the still ongoing gig, and back here at the ranch, I hope you all had a good Halloween. I will leave you with the teen’s pumpkin, which she worked hard at carving.

It’s semi-Greek to me, but everyone else recognized it!

ETA: link to the original for those who don’t recognize it either; granted, handicapped by the photo being taken at an angle. (Still, thanks, you make me feel much better!)

Pumpkins Wish You a Happy Halloween! (Ha ha!)




A One-Ghoul Halloween

The Other Ghoul of the Household left before dawn to go to Madison, where she is rehearsing all day and into the evening tonight, preparatory to singing in a state Honors Choir tomorrow.  (Do the people that organize these things think that middle schoolers don’t care about Halloween?  At least in the case of middle school girls, they are SO wrong.)

Well, Older Ghoul (RockStar) did get to dress up on Wednesday for a costume contest at school (Wisconsin students have been off school the last two days for the state teacher’s conference).  She was Wednesday Addams, which was a great idea.   (This, however, necessitated ME raiding my closet Tuesday night when she made her final decision because of course she had nothing suitable.  Shirt – Mom’s.  Dress – Mom’s.  Belt – Mom’s.  Striped tights – purchased.  Shoes – hers.  Black hair spray-on dye (wash-out) – purchased.  At least it wasn’t an expensive costume, though!)

However, I didn’t get a picture, nor even see the complete ensemble with hair and makeup.  (I go to work before her school starts.) And she was apparently late to school with last minute primping, so got a detention.  I think her first in middle school — maybe the second.  Oops.  Oh, well, I think she still hasn’t had to talk to the principal, or more accurately in middle school the vice principal, which is a whole lot better than elementary school, where she was practically on a first name basis with the principal, and not for good reasons.  My wild child.  Sigh.

So today there was only one child to dress up and send off on this beautiful, clear, unseasonably warm Halloween day (here it was at dawn):

Our city does hold to traditional trick-or-treating on Halloween itself; 4 – 8 pm.  Little kids go out before it’s dark, and the big kids later (or the whole 4 hours, in the case of the Gothlet).

Holding true to her nickname, here’s the Gothlet ready to go forth and conquer the candy:

I’m not sure whether she’s a Goth vampire, or a punk one, or her own unique combination.  But she is way cool.

Gotta make sure the lip ring is right before heading out, though.

The Goth Vampire Adjusts Her Lip Ring

The Goth Vampire Adjusts Her Lip Ring