Daily Archives: June 2, 2007

I Have Strange Children (They Probably Get It From Their Mother)

No real knitting content today — the Pink Fuzzy continues to frustrate me by its ability to slo-mo my progress. And I don’t DARE start anything else while this is delinquent! I hope tomorrow I’ll have something to show (no, it won’t be done).

But I needed to pass on the recreational project my younger daughter (the Gothlet) was working on today. (She did ask permission first — kind of.)

Here for your entertainment and edification:


B**bie Talking Styling Head Vampire Bride!

Now you see why I call daughter #2 the Gothlet! OOOkay — we’ll just move along, shall we?

(The other daughter’s a little strange too, but shows it differently; no news of the weird from her to relate today. As a preteen, her main preoccupation anyway right now is to figure out what she and her friends think is normal, and then try to be that way; kind of. At least, she’s not trying to figure out what the whole world thinks is normal; or if so, she doesn’t care about conforming to it. The obvious corollary is that she doesn’t care what I or her father think is ‘normal’ — acceptable would be the word I’d use, of course!)

I did have two knitting-related bits o’news today, even if no visible knitting progress:

I received this in the mail today, some stash enhancement courtesy of Debra (click to enlarge to see the full beauty):stash-enhancement.jpg

A little Colinette Skye, a little Koigu, some Mountain Color Bearfoot (mmm!), Manly Sock Yarn (ah, but I like it too!), and some KnitPicks Merino Style, which looks like good dyeing material. I am so proud of her for destashing some yarns which must have been hard to let go, and of course am feeling guilty for acquiring it — but it’s so lovely, and from an obviously discerning Midwestern knitter with excellent taste!

And, peripherally, I had an eBay milestone today: although I have been an enthusiastic eBay yarn buyer, today I made my first sales! Of yarn! Woo Hoo! (I’m sure my husband will approve, though he’s going to ask when I’m going to sell all the OTHER skeins of yarn. . . . he just doesn’t get it.) This was it:


I have more, mostly in other colorways! (Not on eBay at this point, though.)

Lastly, a walk in the garden: