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Twilight Eye Candy Friday

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Yes, you knew there would be more pretty pictures from our week at camp.

The horses grazing in the mist, at dusk.  Click to see bigger.

Back Home Saturday

And I didn’t even tell you I was gone.  (But I have been.  For the past week.)

Where?  Well, this is what I saw this morning.

And this.

And, for a little more of a clue as to where I was, I saw this on my morning walk as well.

Yes, we just returned from our annual week at Family Camp at YMCA Camp Olson, a wonderful magical week that the whole family looks forward to; even those of the teenage persuasion.

How magical?  See what else I saw on my morning walk?

It was very hard to leave.

Saturday, Leaving Camp

Saturday Sky, this morning, outside the beautiful 50-year-old dining hall at Family Camp.

Though there’d been a storm overnight (the first rain of the week) and clouds were predicted later, it was a lovely August morning

as we packed up and reluctantly said goodbye to camp friends.

And the familiar beauty of camp itself: Camp Olson on the shores of Little Boy Lake

(seen here this morning).

I had a relaxed week which is just what I needed.  During which, I made excellent progress on one of my knitting projects, Girasole by Jared Flood.  I think I started this in the car on the way up, actually.  

Here it is, as I knit it on the shores of the lake yesterday.

(I’m knitting it in Malabrigo Sock, in Ochre colorway.  Girasole means Sunflower, and this seemed a somewhat Sunflowery colorway choice.  I am loving knitting with this yearn.)  This is part of a Knitalong started by Sheri of The Loopy Ewe (in fact, Sheri offered a discount on any yarn, like mine here, purchased from her store for the KAL, which was awesome of her).  

I am seeing now why people who started this well ahead of me are saying this pattern is addictive.  (Which is good, because I have plans to do another Girasole, even before I’d actually started knitting this one — though after I’d bought the yarn — the second one of which is going to be amazing.  Just you wait!)

The wind rustling through the leaves, the soft water sounds, the amazingly loud squirrels crashing around every so often….

what better setting to sit and knit?

Though I did do more than that.  Details and photos (of course) to follow.

A Month of Saturdays — and Knitting for Ravelympics 2008!

Back from Family Camp, where an awesome time was had by all (but sorting out and severely paring down the almost 1000 pictures to show you just how awesome, will take longer than the current state of laundry, work, and spare-time Olympics-viewing is currently allowing me!).

But I wanted to show you a brief knitting update as far as the Ravelympics Challenge I took on! Then I’ll soon be showing you the results of the challenge when the Olympics is over.  Ravelympics (Ravelry link) is a knitting/crocheting challenge in conjunction with the 2008 Summer Olympics. I took this as an opportunity to do some ‘WIPS Wrestling” — wrestling some put-aside Works-In-Progress into submission; as well as also designing and knitting a small design project I’d been mulling over.

Cast-on was allowed to happen at the start of the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. That was, however, 7 am CST that Friday, the first day of my vacation, and although I was awake, I was busy caffeinating and doing some final packing for Camp, so I cast on for my new project slightly later in the day, as well as gathering together everything I needed for my wips/UFOs to take to camp with me.

Here are the projects the following day, at Camp, by the lake:

First: WIP Wrestling #1, last year’s Mystery Stole 3, Swan Lake, just where I left it off, about 40% done (I kept waffling about the length and whether to knit the wing, put it down for holiday present knitting, and never picked it up again). Here’s a better picture of it from last summer pinned out so you can see the pattern.


This is too pretty to allow to languish.  It mostly did so because it was for me (thus it goes to the back of the queue), and because of the aforementioned waffling and holiday knitting. (Actually, it was first displaced by my Wedding Pi shawl; I started Mystery Stole 3 as my first big lace project in order to have knit a lace shawl before I designed and knit the Wedding Pi shawl for my friend’s November wedding.  And then I didn’t finish MS3!  Slacker!  Well, I knit enough that I felt comfortable with the process, okay?  And I didn’t NEED to finish this, whereas I obviously had to get started on the Wedding Pi shawl so I could finish it in time!)

Second: WIP Wrestling #2, Manly version of Oktoberfest socks, a kit from the lovely and talented duo of the Tsock Tsarina (designer) and Jennifer (hand-dyer of the Flock Sock yarn, on excellent terms with the Yarn Fairy, and the source to buy the kit).  These socks were derailed last year when I sliced my left knuckle open to the tendon, which then had problems healing. I was working on these socks (sock #1, actually) at the time for my father’s birthday. However, I couldn’t knit well for quite a while after the bowl-attack-incident, then when I could, it was only with bigger needles, English style, and low tension. The reverse Irish knots in these require some tension to do, and it was a month or two before I could return to knitting in this style without pain or fear of splitting the cut open again. In the meantime — my husband, who is (no doubt laudably) more into cleaning than I am, had packed the kit away — in cardboard boxes with some yarn. Not only that — the sock and yarn were in one box, the directions in another. Eventually (very eventually), they were found and reunited — all except the creamy white yarn for the ‘foamy’ ribbing, which had been put elsewhere! That showed up very eventually too. Now to remember how Lisa had laid out her new, hot-off-the-press, galvanized by our email conversation “Manly Barleycorn” variation of the pattern. OK, found it in my old emails. But I (blasphemy!) modified her variation slightly! What was it I did, again? Plus, I changed the size of the pattern from large to medium width to fit my father’s foot better, so had to remember how that modified the directions. What you can’t see well (by design) in the picture above, is that after all its travails, the yarn cake of the second sock has now devolved into a demonstration of entropy (i.e. a tangled mess which had to be dealt with before any knitting with it could be done). My poor father’s birthday that I was planning these for was LAST September. My primary WIP Wrestling goal was to finish these before his upcoming birthday….

The third project is a new design; I’ll tell you more about it when I show you the finished picture, but it’s inspired by but is not a copy of the Morning Surf scarf; it’s actually more directly based on a variation of Barbara Walker’s Seafoam stitch, and involves handspun from fiber hand-dyed by my favorite dyer (no, I didn’t spin it); so this is entered in the Designer Dash, the Handspun Heptathlon, and the Scarf — Something, I can’t recall right now!

SO: At the conclusion of the Olympics, you will see if I achieved my lofty goals!  (Umm; really lofty!  At least as far as lace!)

Onto (practically) a month of Saturdays:

This morning’s Saturday Sky with moon.

Below, the Saturday Sky two weeks ago, right before the start of Family Camp. Taken as I sat and knit by the shores of Little Boy Lake, Minnesota, as above, on a gorgeous day:

(no color enhancement applied!)

and a view looking out over Viking Point as I knit later that same afternoon:

Last, the last day of Family Camp, another gorgeous day as we got on the road:

Definitely an archetypal North Woods picture!

I have so much to tell, and so little time to write — in fact, work calls right now. See you after the Olympics (and Ravelympics) end!

O is for Camp Olson

Very timely that O came up right now in the ABC-Along schedule.

Camp Olson is the YMCA camp in Northern Minnesota which I went to every year I could as a camper, and where I also was a CIT (Counselor-in-Training). Now my kids are old enough to be campers, and we have gone to Family Camp for the last several years as well, which has been awesome. It’s a special place for us — beautiful, with its thousands of acres enclosing near-wilderness, and with people who make being at camp the unforgettable experience that it always is. It’s named Olson after the farmer who donated thousands of acres of land to make a camp in the early 1950s, so that kids could experience Northern Minnesota outdoors.

It’s hard to pick out one picture of Camp Olson to show you. It takes a gallery. So I cheated again and made a collage, because camp is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

(If you have high-speed internet, here’s the collage bigger amd much more clear. I’m the photographer for all but one picture, but you can find me tucked away in one of them!) This shows most of our favorite activities, except I seem to have neglected photos of the rifle range (I always have to go test my skills and get my bullseye) and archery, as well as the swimming beach & sauna….

Why do I mention that O is so timely?

The daughters just went off to regular “camper camp” at Camp Olson yesterday. (Actually starts tomorrow, but the Preteen’s friend’s mother drove them to the Twin Cities yesterday to shorten the bus ride and have city fun before camp fun.)

And we go to Family Camp the following week!

I am so looking forward to this, our family vacation. It’s the fourth year we’ve gone together. My husband was extremely dubious to begin with, but is now a convert, due to the indescribable and wonderful nature of the place and the people. It’s a week out of time for us, and we all have a wonderful time. We’ll miss my parents this year, however, who have gone with us in prior years; my mother’s foot is acting up (still or again), and walking is unavoidable at camp, where both meals and the bathroom are a short walk away.

If you’d like to see more (for the hard core), the below links are posts & pictures from last year. Or just click on those that interest you.

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Just after the amazing fun and friendship and family time of Camp Olson ended last year, we were all brought up terribly short. Please, because I need to remind myself of what I wrote in this post every so often, and I want to tell you again, too — even if you were a reader last year — please click on this last link and read the short post.

In the Midst of Life

Puts a different perspective on the fact that The Preteen went out the door on the heels of a fight about whether she was going to take her hair straightener and her iPod (guess the outcome of those discussions).

I hope you all have the chance to experience your own version of Camp Olson at some point. (Or if you’re looking for a great kid or family camp in the Midwest, follow that link above! No need to be a Y member!)

O is for Camp Olson.