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Saturday Sky in Madison

Yesterday morning dawned cloudy, cold and windy on the outskirts of Madison:


But it cleared up into a gorgeous day.


We could see this rather disturbing sight from our hotel.


“Lasting Skin Solutions”; and on the lower right, a drive-through (which is open!). Drive-through skin resurfacing?

(Actually, this office building shared space with a bank. But it did look a little odd.)

The Preteen sang beautifully, along with many other middle schoolers.


Listening to these singers, as well as the Honors Orchestra and Band that also played, it was hard to remember they were middle schoolers. They were wonderful.

After a celebratory dinner, we had a lovely drive home.






There may have been some yarn and knitting books in the back of the car. Friday, we went here:



The Sow’s Ear — a truly great coffeehouse and yarn store in Verona, on the west side of Madison. Too bad I missed Knit Night, held twice monthly. But I tried to solace myself with yarn….

And chocolate.


Isn’t that the prettiest fondue you’ve about ever seen?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of chocolate, sadly, Beth of the Chocolate Sheep and I could not get together for our tentative rendezvous. A combination of residual virus and consequent oversleeping on my part, and family obligations on her part, prevented it. But we had a nice chat on the phone! Next time. . . .

I did meet up with another blogger this weekend though. Teri and I got together to admire each other’s shawls and compare progress and shawl notes. I only had to go a mile to the coffee shop downtown to rendezvous with her, though! (Teri had to come considerably further, though she does it every weekday also from where she lives in Minnesota.)

Shawl? Well, it’s a very nice lace bag right now. I just increased to 600 stitches. Now progress will be glacially slow.

Here’s a close-up, though, looking autumnal (what else?) in the evening light.