Monthly Archives: May 2009

Flowers for Mother’s Day

I both gave and received flowers, this Mother’s Day.  My husband’s mother, who sadly is no longer with us, had flowers too:  the tree we had planted in her honor is in full bloom right now.


Happy Mother’s Day to mothers past and mothers present.  And mothers-to-be!

Dogwood Days

I was gone almost all of last week, hence the blog blackout.  (And gone a long weekend before that.  I’ll catch up sometime in this lifetime!)

Here’s what I was seeing last week about this time:


Flowering dogwood, at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

A beautiful tree which is apparently not hardy up here.  But was in full bloom all over Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.


Not so beautiful was the woman on the other side of the camera, who had just spent 24 hours straight on a bus at the time that she got off and took these pictures.

Please to have my mental status examined if I ever volunteer to chaperone a busful of 5th graders on a cross-country bus trip again, eh?

But the dogwood was lovely!