Daily Archives: June 3, 2007

Stray Sunday Stuff

Still no Pink Fuzzy pictures; I stubbornly am holding out for visible knitting progress on Pink Fuzzy; and now it’s too late and too dark to take good pictures. But I can visualize finishing a sleeve in the next 24 hours! Pink Fuzzy is just kinda kicking my behind. But it looks so nice, it’s worth it (and it’s for a wonderful young woman).

Busy morning singing (really enjoyable music, but rehearsing at 7:45 am — not enjoyable!) and then a choir ‘picnic’ (indoors due to inclement conditions), then a graduation party; then a trip to Stuff Mart followed by Shrek the Third (approved by all). A little knitting time at the party, less at the movie. Good thing that those I care about, are used to me and my knitting ways now.

The Gothlet asked me to post the final version of Vampire Bride Styling Head (she was too rosily healthy-looking before, apparently:pale-vampire-bride.jpg

And despite the rain, I had to wander around the garden (not that it’s terribly big. . . .):


Perfect raindrops beaded up like this remind me of Tom Waits’ song, “Diamonds on my Windshield”: “There are diamonds on my windshield, these tears from heaven.”  “Heart of Saturday Night” was one of The Preteen’s favorite CDs when she was a high-maintenance baby being walked around for the first four months of her life.

Also despite the rain, someone thought he wanted to be outside:


No, you don’t really want to be outside, Citrus.  You wouldn’t like it.