Daily Archives: June 30, 2007

Saturday Sky with a Surprise

I went out to take a picture of a Saturday Sky on a perfect June morning — the kind that rarely come, and then I’m usually at work when they’re here — but today I had a day off!


And as I looked through the camera’s eye, I saw this:


See the nest? That’s right outside our bedroom window; the blasted birds have ripped into the gutter. No wonder they’re so loud at dawn. Dagnab it.

Well, today was a quick jaunt to a LYS that opened in May, which I mentioned previously; I forgot to take my camera the first time I was there. This time I took my camera. Funny thing, it didn’t take any good pictures inside my purse. Perhaps third time will be a charm.

A little cleaning; a little knitting on MS3, for which the first clue came out yesterday:


I realize it looks like it’s taking to the sky in flight! It’s just a photo at twilight on a white table outdoors (beautiful night to sit and knit for a bit, she says somewhat Seuss-ishly). Looks bad in the photo, but pretty good in person, even pre-blocking. Better photo and more progress on Mystery Stole 3 Monday.

And I did some experimental knitting. If it works out, you’ll see it here.

I admired my garden:





Monarda impersonating an alien. (“They’ve Landed!”)


I did NOT admire this garden discovery, cute though it may be.

WARNING for the phobic — corn snake pictures follow!


Trinity the corn snake shed her skin yesterday, to my relief; she’s been looking dull for days, and she’s had bad sheds before, probably due to our extremely dry air in the winter. But I discovered something in documenting her new duds:


Note to self: Red-eye reduction doesn’t work on albino snakes.