Daily Archives: June 5, 2007

Pink Fuzzying Along

Work dinner last night, so quick post late in the day --
which then ran into glitches, so just getting on the blog now, the next morning.
I'll see if I can fix any residual weirdness later.   

But here's Pink Fuzzy Cardigan's current state: 

It’s posing on the Japanese maple in the dark — looks a little scary.

And not too much different from the last picture, but by now you know how that’s going.  Sigh.

And yesterday I got my invite to Ravelry! Looks awesome as I 
browsed around last night!  It's still in beta testing; but the buzz was such 
that when over 5000 people signed up to beta test, instead of the 1000 they were 
looking for, Jess and Casey didn't want to turn people down. So gradually, 
everyone on the list is getting invites; and when all the browser etc. issues 
are cleared up, it will be open to all!  See Casey's plaintive letter here.
More later!  There's a big event this weekend coming up!