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Fee, Fi, Feather, Fum

If you would be looking for a certain Raven Feather Mitt pattern here today by any chance, no such luck.


I’m test knitting the pattern in a woman’s size in a different yarn, and my! that Socks That Rock mediumweight is behaving quite differently, but is going to look awesome! (I’ve knit with the lightweight STR before, but not the mediumweight, and I’ve had to adjust needle sizes.  I think actually the lightweight will be the perfect yarn for this, but I didn’t have it in the colorway I wanted.)  Also, I’m fine-tuning some parts of the pattern. Something about frogging and reknitting and rewriting eats up time, somehow.

And I am still dithering about names. There were some great suggestions! Though many of you seemed to recommend keeping my original name. Hmmm. Well, if I do take that advice which a number of you gave, I will resort to my favorite internet random number generator and ask it to pick among all of those who have offered advice up until now — and the lucky number will get two mitts’ worth of Dream in Color Smooshy! But thank you all, so much! you all are very creative and helpful!  Wow!

Long post coming later tonight, but since I’m reneging on my promise of the mitt pattern, I just wanted to ‘fess up.