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Oops, I Knit It Again

So, last October I showed you the Girasole I knit for my mother (she claims to love it!).

And a little earlier, I showed you the beginning of the in-your-face Girasole I ws knitting for myself, out of my favorite addiction, lovely Twisted yarn, in the Ember colorway.

Well, I did it.

I knit it again.

(Though a little bit differently this time, granted.  I modified the edging to one that I liked better and that matched the pattern repeat.  I’m going to meet the designer, the talented Jared Flood, at The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling.  One hopes he won’t be perturbed about the blatant modification…since I was already told I need to bring this shawl to show him.)

Helga, being cold there in the snow, graciously agreed to model once again.  Though the lovely merino-silk blend of Muse and the larger size proved harder for her to keep on her somewhat narrow bronze shoulders.

The shawl, which I have christened “Fireflower”‘,  seemed to work best for her as a half-circle shawl.

She doesn’t seem to care as much for the drama of the 3/4 fold, which makes it almost tea-length.

Though it shows off the knitting that much better.

I like them both!

Despite this shawl’s flamboyant (literally) coloration, which is not usually ‘me’, I love this shawl

and have found an amazing number of outfits to wear it with.

Given how long and how white this winter is proving to be, a vivid Fireflower is just the thing to brighten my days and warm me up!

O Girasole Mio!

Yes!  It is finito!  After the edging that seemed to go on forever.

Girasole is a lovely pattern, and the Malabrigo Sock yarn in Ochre was a good fit, I think.

I had neither a daughter-model handy, nor a photographer available, so I enlisted the services of another model, who graciously acceded.

Mrs. Helga did a wonderful job.

Helga models Girasole

Helga models Girasole

Even bronze statues get cold

Even bronze statues get cold

I think she might have liked it.

Though this is a pattern that doesn’t need as much blocking as some, definitely the edging needs it.  What a difference a couple hours on my knees, and 214 or so points pinned out (but who’s counting?), makes!



This first Sunflower was just given to my mother.  I likely would have saved it to give to her at the holidays, but she’s recovering from another foot surgery and could use it now, at home.  A little bit of Sun(flower) for her lap or her shoulders, I hope.

I Got a Sunflower on a Cloudy Day

The current state of my (first) Girasole:


Not too bad for a picture taken on my car hood in the parking lot at the end of work tonight…

Also, can you say ‘dye lot??

And ‘hand-dyed‘?

(I knew you could!)

Ah, well, the color shift’ll look fine in this pattern!  Over half done with the edging, but it’s definitely a process.  Onward and . . . aroundward!

A Tale of Two Sunflowers

On the quick trip up to the Twin Cities that I showed you the other week, I got some car knitting done of a project I started right before our Family Camp vacation (and worked on at camp).


Here it is at camp, not too far into it.  This is the lovely Girasole by Jared Flood.  I’m knitting it here in  mmmMalabrigo Sock from The Loopy Ewe in the colorway Ochre (it looked somewhat Sunflower-ish to me — that’s what Girasole means).   I have some thoughts of lightly overdyeing the edges and center with brown, subtly; we’ll see.  My nerve may fail me.

Though I’m also working on a Seekrit Project or two or three, I had been working on this on and off and making progress (when I wasn’t misplacing my second and third skeins of yarn).  Here it is after the Twin Cities trip.


It’s such a pretty pattern! And the yarn is lovely to work with.

This project is not destined for anyone or anything in particular at this point, I’m just knitting it for fun and because there is a Loopy Ewe KAL (knitalong) going on.

But as I knit, and as I petted an amazing skein of yarn I have from my favorite hand-dyed yarn purveyor, Twisted Fiber Art,  I had an idea of knitting this lace project in that colorway and dyeing style (Ember Evolutions).  And I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Lucky, lucky me.  Shortly thereafter, my number came up to be a ‘custom’ customer at Twisted. You can sign up and in turn, eventually, you get the chance to have essentially free run of the store and order any yarn you want in any quantity you want.  This was not a quantity or kind of yarn I would normally be able to get in an update, even if I got lucky.  Plus, I was probably going to want a coordinating yarn dyed at the same time to do the edging, and that yarn base wasn’t even offered in the coordinating yarn.  But as a Custom customer….the world was my oyster!

So I took the plunge and ordered the yarn for Girasole in Ember, in the Muse yarn (a merino/silk light sportweight yarn, lovely!), with coordinating yarn for the edging in the greyish part of the colorway.

It came the other day.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I tried.

Ember Evolution and Sky

Ember Evolution and Sky

I had a weak moment and I cast on for the second Girasole just to see how it would start to look.

(And then I stopped.  Can’t wait to get back to it, though.)

Granted, it doesn’t look a lot like this real-life sunflower from my front yard:


(On a sunnier Saturday than today…  Saturday-rainy-day-dusk-Oct)

But I think it will be a gorgeous fantastical Girasole, when it’s done!