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Fluffy Ruffles

or Ruffly Fluffles!

I told you I found some of the Online Linie 194 Solo yarn, the same yarn as the Yarn Harlot knit with, but different colors, on my knitting escapades in Chicago. Not that I don’t have anything else to do — but I had to cast on!


The salesperson at the yarn shop I bought this at (the one with the lesser amount of customer service) told me verbally how to make the scarf, but after struggling with it for 10 rows, I found what I was told was a little wrong in that I was recommended to use big needles. That’s what the skein label says (I think that’s for knitting this bulky woven tape in the usual way) but for the ruffly scarf, it works MUCH better to use a thinner, pointier needle. The scarf pattern actually suggests size 4 to 7 US (3.5 to 4.5 mm) rather than 15 – 20 mm, US size 19 – 35!. 

3/1/08, ETA: The pattern WAS available on line, then not available, then a kind commenter just found it online and pointed it out below, here it is. (Look on the left of the page to download the .pdf.  Thanks, Deb J!

Also, check out Lion Brand Yarn instructions for Ruffles below; they have even more info now about knitting with this kind of yarn and in fact have videos on YouTube, which are reasonably helpful.

I’m twisting the yarn as to get a bicolor scarf, as Steph did. This one is in “Wine”.


Additional information about working with this general kind of yarn is found at the Lion Brand website for their similar yarn, Ruffles.

I’ve been seeing lots of search hits for this yarn on my blog, so I hope this helps.

FOs and MS3

An obscure title for those who don’t knit and blog, I know.

FOs — Finished Objects!

I finished the prayer shawl


and here’s a photo of another FO, completed earlier this year (BB — Before Blog) for the Gothlet’s birthday:


It is so her.

Skull chart is from Jennifer’s DomiKNITrix website (check out her book if you haven’t already, it has some fun and creative patterns and ideas). Felted bag my own design, such as it is; because of the intarsia, I couldn’t knit the bag in the round as I usually do for felted bags. So I knit a long strip, back/bottom/side, with enough extra bottom and width to gusset the bottom and sew the sides together. Then knit an I-cord strip and poked it through the top in four places, tying it firmly on the inside. Seemed to work. (BTW, I don’t care for intarsia or sewing, so this was purely out of love — but the recipient loved it!)

WIP — work in progress, almost done — a final pair of fingerless gloves for the Loopy Ewe challenge out of sport-weight yarn:


MS3 is Mystery Stole 3, which is working up to a June 29th start, and the anticipation among the group is almost overwhelming! There’s at least one local knitter, and knitters from Europe, Australia and even farther afield. Wow! If only I could decide on a yarn for sure! I didn’t have anything in my stash in the suggested colors of black or white (hard to believe, Lee, I know!); I swatched up some sock yarn, but it would make a good-sized large shawl, I think — which is not necessarily bad, but not the ethereal look one gets with lace weight yarn. I did find a selection of appropriatedly sized beads (they’re optional) at Gossamer Wings (local bead store), which should work with a variety of yarns. I might go back and get some pearly beads if I decide on white/off-white yarn, though. I have some yarns coming by mail order to swatch.

I’m leaning towards black, as I know I’ll wear it with dressy outfits (I also know The Preteen will try to steal it!). But it will be harder to knit — hard to see the dark stitches even without 40-something eyes. Ah, well, there’s plenty of daylight this time of year! (Did you see the Yarn Harlot’s account of her recent book-signing trip to Alaska? Talk about daylight!)

Here, by daylight, are some garden pictures. That’s the hardest thing about living in the Northlands, it’s NOT green for half the year, so we have to get our fix while we can.