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Of Sunsets, Strawberries, and Such

Well, it’s Monday, so the Preteen is released from durance vile (not noticeably chastened). Which is good, I suppose, because there’s a band practice, though practices are usually on Sundays.

Hence The (Band) Name.

Despite working this weekend (and being diagnosed with probable Lyme Disease), bits of knitting and a fair amount of fun happened!

After I got home from work and chastised the Preteen (no, that wasn’t fun), then took a picture of the Saturday Sky,

The Gothlet and I went to see Kung Fu Panda (at Gothlet’s request; the Preteen, of course, declined), which was cute: Jack Black with fur.

Then down to Riverside Park, to the Mississippi River to watch the Solstice Sunset.

Church was great the next day — hey, Beth, we had horns with guitars (my husband played the electric guitar) & piano in church; they played “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is”! as well as a couple other ‘popular’ songs. Our music director made the point that Martin Luther adapted popular secular music of the time to spread the word. Interesting — and enjoyable!

Then to the farm to pick strawberries!

My parents belong to a CSA, Harmony Valley Farm, and they let us share their share. Last year’s August flooding hit the farm hard, after a drought earlier in the summer. This year was not as severe, though they lost a few crops; the fields we were near were mostly in good shape. (Read this .pdf newsletter if you’re interested to find out how their organic farming practices helped soften the impact of the severe weather; column on the left.)

And (fortunately for yesterday) the strawberries were little affected. In fact, although the crop is apparently late, these were wonderful strawberries, large and juicy and flavorful, wow!

Unblemished, unbruised, organic, awesome.

After a quick stop to see the poultry & animals,

we said good-bye to the farm

and made our way back home through scattered showers, with predictable but delightful results.

Sometime this weekend, maybe in the car, a little here, a little there, a bit of knitting got done.

I made little lacey bookmarks for two coworkers that moved to a different office:

And I made a square for a blanket being organized for a knitblogger whose mother just died.

Yes, I know, it’s quite — eye-catching, not entirely the idea I was going for, but it is what it is. This is the dyed-in-the-ball skein that has a gradient of dye; I wanted to use something one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed, and the change in dye intensity kind of mimics changes in our lives. The quadruple motif is an adaptation of Barbara Walker’s Candleflame Lace pattern from her Second Treasure of Stitch Patterns. Together, the four flames look like a flower. It’s very soft elann.com superwash merino.

And I knit a little on Forest Canopy, and during “Kung Fu Panda”, I frogged the meeting sock, and cast on again (later frogging that restart on more stitches as it was now too big; third time’s a charm!).

Pictures soon.

At the end of a busy but lovely weekend —

Mmmm strawberries and handmade local ice cream!

Tomorrow my husband and I have something fun planned, which will lead to my ‘M’ post for the ABC-along!

(No, it does not start with “Marital”! Who said that?!)

Saturday Skies and a Sideways Revue

To make up for the recent Saturdays that I didn’t take pictures (rare, but it happens); today I ended up taking a number of Saturday Sky pictures!

I thought I had taken my Saturday Sky picture this morning on the way to work: the beautiful Spring Green leaves against a cool blue spring sky were gorgeous.

But then, I thought perhaps you’d want to see the construction crane at work today: you’ve seen it before!

Nothing exciting on it today, though.

Then, this afternoon, there were scattered showers amid sunshine, with predictable results, so I had to take another picture.

But quickly it cleared up again, so that when I went to the post office 15 minutes later to MAIL THE GRAND PRIZES FOR THE BLOGIVERSARY RAFFLE*, I had to take another picture, this was so striking outside the post office:

OK! Surely a surfeit of Saturday Sky pictures for one day, all fine pictures!

But then, after eating the ceremonial first drive-in meal of the year, a storm blew in from the north near sunset:

(I couldn’t capture the lightning, but it was quite a show.) (Frickin’ power lines, though. Front yard and back yard both. Grrrr.)

Speaking of quite a show:

(How’s that for a segue?)

Daughter number one’s school musical was last night — one performance only!

I have to tell you the story. When the cast list went up, she only knew the name of her character and nothing else, given that this was a no-name play (i.e. nothing you’ve ever heard of). But she came home rather excited, saying, “I think I have a big part; because I have TWO NAMES!”


Well, the 8th grade boy who always gets the lead was one of the only other characters on the posted cast list who had a first and a last name. Most of the other characters just had a first name. Her character’s name was “Laura Carter”. Two names.

She was right; she was one of the leads. She sang a solo as the second song of the play. And had a second solo later, danced, was on stage much of the time. She was awesome (and it’s not just mom talk here). She gets those performer/actor genes from her father!

She also did a monologue before the play, “Cinderelly of the Valley”, a Valley Girl retelling of the Cinderella story, pretty funny, except everyone kept telling her it wasn’t really acting for her, which made her pout. Anyway, we seem to have a young triple threat on our hands. She really is a formidable singer, a quite good dancer, and a good actor as well. ‘Twill be interesting, the next few years and onward….

True confession here: I may take a few pretty pictures; but a videographer I ain’t. And I have proof. I didn’t know till now that you can’t readily rotate a video the way you can a photo. (At least not with my camera & software or lack thereof.) But if you want to see & hear the twelve-year-old sing & dance a bit — SIDEWAYS — here you go. (Just don’t send me the chiropractor’s bill, please.) Those of you here for the knitting and the flowers — nothing more to see today! Tomorrow, a bit o’ knitting.

* Consolation prizes are mostly put together, except for a few final selections, and will go out Monday, hooray!