2007 Finished Objects

Not a complete list of 2007 FO’s — some have already gone off to recipients and may never be documented. . . and I am way behind in transferring FOs to this page. . . .but all things come to fruition in time!

skull-bag-small.jpgSkully felted bag

Knit from Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in black and cream, then felted. Skull chart is from Jennifer’s DomiKNITrix website Felted bag my own design, such as it is; because of the intarsia, I couldn’t knit the bag in the round as I usually do for felted bags. So I knit a long strip, back/bottom/side, with enough extra bottom and width to gusset the bottom and sew the sides together. Then knit an I-cord strip and poked it through the top in four places, tying it firmly on the inside. Completed Feb. 16, 2007.

sugar-maple-shawl.jpg Sugar Maple Shawl . Pattern is the Spiral Nebula shawl (Heartstrings). Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Alpine Lace, a mohair/wool/silk/nylon boucle. Colorway was intended to be Sugar Maple but was a second as it was somehow not quite to spec. Two skeins used, knit loosely and big (big enough for two to wrap up in!) Completed end of March 2007.

moebius-basket.jpg Felted Moebius basket from Cat Bordhi’s Second Treasury of Magical Knitting. Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool. Took a fair amount of felting. Completed March 2007.

maddie-socks.jpg Maddie’s Florida socks

Yarn: 80% merino/20% nylon handpainted fingering weight yarn from Oldfield Creek Sock & Yarn.

I knit part of this project when we were visiting friends in Florida: we went to the beach near Bradenton on a partly cloudy day, and as the sun broke through the clouds and shone in patches on the March Gulf of Mexico, the colors looked just like this beautiful handpainted yarn. Pattern modified from knitty.com Widdershins. Completed 26 April 2007.

afghan-hat-_1.jpg Afghan hat #1

For a toddler-to-5-year old, destined for Mother’s Day campaign for Afghan Mothers. Knit with Lamb’s Pride worsted in Turquoise. Demonstrating my favorite blocking technique for hats. My own pattern (see hat #2). Completed 22 April 2007.

afghan-hat-_2.jpgafghan-hat-_2-on-balloon.jpg Afghan hat #2

For a newborn to 6-month old, also destined for Mother’s Day campaign for Afghan Mothers. Knit with unknown wool stash yarn (I think from KnitPicks) with accent of Lamb’s Pride worsted. This is my own design and I’m ridiculously proud of it — with the brim folded up in this size, it fits a newborn, but when you put the brim down, it fits up to 6 months. Given how fast babies’ heads grow, this is a good thing! I will publish this pattern at some point on the blog. Completed 29 April 2007.

tropical-twist-bag.jpg Tropical Twist felted bag

Yarn: Hand-dyed chunky & worsted weight wool yarn and coordinating ladder novelty yarn, hand-dyed by Christie P. (Link is to her etsy store, or her eBay ID is mandcpruitt.) My own design. Completed 30 April 2007.

design-element-washcloth.jpgDesign Element washcloth

so-called because I knew I didn’t have enough Lily Sugar n’ Cream in the variegated color to make much of anything, so alternated rows with white cotton and stuck a few white rows in the middle to make it the size I wanted, when I calculated that I had used half the variegated yarn. Nice Design Element, eh? Completed May 2007.

drying-bowl.jpg Felted bowl, my own design with I-cord rim, from Paton’s SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) — great felting yarn. Completed May 2007.

felted-containers.jpg Felted container and small purse, my own design, from eBay yarn. Completed May 2007.

afghans-for-afghans-hats.jpg 2 pair Magic 28 socks plus 3 hats; the blue hats are described above. The blue socks are Lamb’s Pride worsted, and the brown socks are Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK in potluck earth tones, as is the matching hat (hat my own design). Completed May 2007, all for Afghans for Afghans Mother’s Day Project.

mimi-scarf.jpg Novelty scarf, from Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Fringe and metallic silver eyelash yarn. Completed May 2007.

tank-top-katia-spray.jpg Katia Spray tank top, my own design (I do have to take a picture where it’s totally done, though it’s already been gifted; but the giftee lives in my house, so you’d think I could get her to model!). Completed May 2007.

blackwatch-cloth.jpg Black Watchcloth, from Peaches n’Creme dishcloth cotton, in Black Watch colorway. Completed May 30 2007.

fingerless-gloves.jpg Fingerless gloves for Sheri’s Loopy Ewe quarterly challenge, from Elann Sock It To Me Puzzle sock yarn, my own design adapted from several sources. Completed June 8, 2007.

pink-fuzzy-three-quarter-view.jpg Pink Fuzzy cardigan (OK, I should christen it something more romantic — how about “Pink Cloud”?). Knit from Kid Seta (by Madil, kid mohair and silk), modified from Knitting Pure and Simple #263. Completed June 10th 2007.

dulaan-hat.jpgHat for Dulaan, from the Yarn Harlot’s Ken’s Dulaan hat hat pattern. Yarn: Plymouth Yukon. Completed June 12th, 2007.

dulaan-magic-28-socks.jpg Socks for Dulaan, from Norma’s Magic 28 pattern (see sidebar), from Lamb’s Pride Worsted yarn (Turquoise). Completed June 14th, 2007.

sari-silk-scarf.jpgsari-silk-closeup.jpgDropstitch scarf

from recycled sari silk, Mango Moon. Completed June 15, 2007.

prayer-shawl-completed.jpg Prayer shawl, from Lion Brand Homespun yarn and Fun Fur trim. Completed June 18 2007.

hat-closeup.jpg  Pumpkin hat, modified from free internet pattern , in KnitPicks alpaca blend.  Completed September 2007.

piano-playing-gloves.jpg  Piano Mitts, my own design, in elann.com Baby Cashmere.  Completed September 2007.

side-view-minimitt.jpg  Mini-Mitts, my own design, in elann.com Baby Cashmere.  Completed September 2007.

red-scarf-long-2.jpg  Red Scarf for Red Scarf Project, using Cartridge Belt Rib, in Colorado Durango yarn. Completed October 2007.

socks-and-i-hanging-out.jpg Straight-Laced socks, knitty.com pattern, in Paton’s Kroy socks.  Completed October 2007.

preteen-fetching.jpg Fetching gloves, pattern from Knitty.com, in RYC Soft Lux.  Completed October 2007.

guitar-mitts-2.jpg Guitar-Playing Gloves, my own pattern, in elann.com Baby Cashmere.  Completed October 2007.

big-shawl.jpg Wedding Pi Shawl, Cherry Tree Hill Suri Lace, overdyed.  Completed November 8 2007.

11 responses to “2007 Finished Objects

  1. Please give this pattern to Delaney and Judy. (the hat, that is). They are doing wonderful baby hats–this would be appealing for these babies!

  2. I can’t believe how prolific you have been! I have to say that my favorite is not in your photo album–Maddie’s skull hat. It fits so perfectly. Did you make the design yourself?

  3. I like those socks with the merino wool. You have some excellent pieces of clothing here! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cate, I LOVE the skully felted bag. I also have an angel-faced Goth. She’s 14 and would love the bag. My daughters hate that I knit, they say it makes me seem old, but they love what I make. I will show her your final product, and she will probably want one. Thanks for the inspiration. Anne (knitting, mother, MD in NY)

  5. Hi Cate!

    I stumbled upon your great pages here whilst looking at all things Creative & Cool on the web! So pleased that I did though, as I am So So Impressed, not just with the Brilliant ideas and Finished Items, but also impressed by the quality and enthusiasm that you have for your art, this also reflects in the lovely photography and interests shown in other Talents Areas!

    Oh the Sari-Silk is Terrific, as are the Fingerless Gloves, well pretty much everything is very cool from what I can see! If you have youtube then please drop by and chat more ok?

    Keep up the Brilliant work here!

  6. I would love to know how to do the lacy pattern that is at the top of the page, is there any chance you could let me know where to find the pattern or tell me how to make a scarf using using that lacy look,
    Thanks, and regards, Vicky

  7. hi! i randomly stumbled upon here.. wow i love your piano mitts & fetching gloves! you own such blessed hands!
    do you sell these or is there any place where i can get them?

  8. does anybody know the pattern of legacy my mom started to make it but she lost the book it came in and now she cant find it. if anybody could tell me i would thank you very much

  9. Barbara Holcombe

    I stumbled upon your site looking for knitted baby hat pattern. I love the grow with me baby hat and would like to copy it for the ladies of the church to make and give out with our “Baby Bundles”. Hope that is ok. If not, let mk know ASAP. Thanks.

  10. pena não ter gráfico pois é muito lindo este trabalho

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