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A Tale of Two Pinks

One Pink-ish thing is speeding along:

(seen by sunset light here, I realize it looks orange)

Yes, I know I’m using pink loosely. This, of course, is “Apricot Blush”. (Typing that reminds me of “Steel Magnolias”. “My colors are Blush and Bashful.”)

Aren’t I a speedy knitter? Look at the progress in two days!

Not so much, of course. I cast on Saturday night, and though I haven’t had much time to knit, this pattern goes quickly. Would you believe there are actually only two pattern rows in the lace in Spring Forward? Amazing! I walked to work yesterday and that was an inch or two right there of knitting progress.

So that pink is going swimmingly. I started it because I was frustrated with reverse progress on my lovely Wendy’s Kay’s Diamonds and Purls shawl, and had to take a break (and, as I said, I’ve been wanting to knit Spring Forward since it came out, and wanting to knit up this yarn since it came).

Reverse progress? Well, I saw a boo-boo in my edge faggoting, a few rows down. Now i have done lace surgery, and felt pretty confident of my ability of fix things. Ah, hubris.

What I actually haven’t done? Do lace surgery on true knitted lace, where you have yarnovers and knit-two-togethers on BOTH sides of the fabric. Or lace on the edge (I have reknit an edge before, I know, but not lace). I could not bring the faggoting back together with my pins and crochet hooks and dpns to look any better, in fact, it began to look worse and worse, and the hole got bigger and bigger.

So I put the ends of stitches on a stitch holder to prevent the hole from getting any bigger.

And brooded. And began to tink, at which point I found out that tussah silk holds hands with itself and doesn’t care for tinking (I really hadn’t tinked more than a stitch or two this whole shawl). Oh, it’s taking me forever to tink. So I put it down and started Spring Forward!

The sock picture was from yesterday. I knit through a noon informational meeting today, and a bit before dinner, as well as walking to and from work yesterday; I’m about to start the toe decreases. Woo-hoo!

Emergency laundry, you might ask, re: yesterday’s post? Why, yes! My girls are going to summer camp, which starts Sunday. Rose invited a friend to go with her. Her friend’s parents just suggested they drive them to camp (or more accurately, halfway to camp, to catch the bus) — but they’re leaving tomorrow, to play in the Twin Cities for a couple days before going. The girls are thrilled — Mall of America fun among other treats! But suddenly, we had to get them all packed, and work’s been crazy. So emergency laundry, to get over a week’s worth of clothes suddenly ready!

So: Test Knitter Yarn is going out Saturday when I have a day off work! (Tomorrow will be just as wild, if not more so, at work, sigh.) But then I have a vacation day Monday and special plans for Sunday; more about that later. And I’ll get back to and redeem my lovely shawl. After a few hours of tinking. Double sigh.

Getting Bloggy Again

Quick post — wasn’t going to post at all, busy with laundry emergencies, but I had to share something with you.

Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to do any more blog navel-gazing.

However, one of my little free patterns, Piano Mitts/Mini-Mitts,

was today’s Free Knitting Pattern of the Day at The Daily Knitter.

This isn’t a site I regularly read, but apparently at least 3000 knitters do….

Here’s the proof of the citation! (formatting has gone a bit whackoid in the copying)


Today’s free knitting pattern for Wednesday, July 30, 2008, is:

Piano Mitts
Note that the pattern will open in a new window.
Missed a day? Click here for the Knitting Patterns of the Day from the previous two weeks.


Despite the fact that I have two other projects I’m working seriously on (we won’t discuss all the other UFOs languishing); during a temporary setback in one, I cast on for yet another sock this weekend.

You can’t tell this yet, but this is the beginning of Spring Forward socks, a pattern written by Linda Welch, whom I met at Sock Camp

here modeling the toilet paper cover which she knit, the Socktopus, which was voted the campers’ favorite.

Anyhoo, I’ve been dying to cast on for this sproingy pattern since it came out.

And I finally succumbed to temptation when I hit that snag  (more on that in a later post).

I cast on with some lovely yarn I’ve also been dy(e)ing to knit with — the first Sock Yarn Club yarn from Astrid’s Damselfly Yarns! (link is to her etsy shop). See it in the lovely “Blushing Apricot” yarn cake above. Mmmm!

I met Astrid face-to-face when I travelled to Sock Camp. So these socks are very special to me, being a tangible and knitterly souvenir of Seattle and Sock Camp. Plus I love the pattern and the yarn. AND — I used a cast-on that I learned at Sock Camp! JC Briar taught an all-afternoon class in cast-ons. My brain hurt by the end, I freely admit. But her very clear handout helped my overly full brain remember the German Twisted cast-on — and it’s So Sproingy! This is my new favorite cast-on for things that need to stretch. Awesome! And it has this cool convoluted rhythm to it as you do it, like a pretzel doing the rhumba. Very fun once you get in the groove.

Now, I really have not had time to knit very much at all, what with work and family things (hence the blog silence, and why the yarn hasn’t QUITE gotten out to most all of the test knitters — tomorrow is my plan!) — but this pattern is so straightforward, that even in stolen moments I have made significant progress. If it weren’t for the fact that I got home late from work again; well, earlier than last night which was after dark, but today was in a downpour — I could have shown you something that looked like Spring Forward! As it is, you’ll see it soon. However, I have not had enough sleep for two weeks, and it’s starting to add up — so I must away. ¡Mañana! (I hope!)

Prickly yet Philosophical Eye Candy Friday

Prickly but pretty. Kind of like my Preteen.

I was trying to find a Scottish connection today as an excuse to post a thistle picture. I did find that, 405 years ago today, King James VI of Scotland was crowned the first king of Great Britain. You’ll have to make do with that.

More pertinent to me, but unrelated to thistles, I found out in researching the previous factoid, that exactly 30 years ago today, Louise Brown was born. The first in vitro fertilization baby! (She’s now had a baby of her own — fortunately, without needing extra assistance.)

And also more pertinent to me, unrelated to IVF or Scotland, but tangentially related to thistles:

I saw the first ragweed pollen show up in the daily pollen counts I get in my email inbox. Dang. Here we go.

Why can’t we train these guys to preferentially pick up ragweed pollen and take it home? It would be a win-win situation.

Thank you, Volunteers! and Free Patterns Beat Bob

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to knit a nice warm cozy wooly hat! In August! Now that’s knitterly friendship — and I appreciate it.

Everyone who’s already said yes, in a comment or email, I can definitely use your help, and you’ll be hearing from me very soon (just wanted to post and say thank you quickly!). Yee-haw!

(One of these may be coming your way if you’re a test knitter!)

I wanted to mention a couple bloggy things — and then I’ll stop blog-navel-gazing. Just as I posted my ‘spam’ post, the number of spam blocked became equal to comments, and then passed them. I sighed and accepted it; that’s the norm; you know, like you may well get more junk mail than quality mail?

But somehow, comments pulled back ahead in a few days and are still beating spam! Much better reading! And you guys knit hats! (If the spammers do, they’re not sayin’. Or offering, either.)

The other interesting bloggish note: I had told you all before about the Power of Bob. But I speculated that if, for example, there was ever a link from the Yarn Harlot’s blog here, that Stephanie would trump Bob. Well, I’m here to tell you that, at least, Knitting Pattern Central is a force to be reckoned with. I had emailed the organizer of this wonderful compendium (who herself is primarily a crocheter, this is all out of the goodness of her heart, who knew?) to give her permission to link my Piano Mitts and Mini-Mitts, and Grow With Me Baby Hat patterns. When they were posted — whoa, Nelly! Let’s just say: Knitters Rule!

Anyone Up for a Nice Warm Hat?

Here’s the scoop.

Like Lorette, I seemed to have a deficit of chunky yarn (especially chunky yarn which would show cables reasonably well). (That’s what happens when you’re a sock yarn addict.) So one of my missions in Madison was to find some yarn to test knit No Name Hats in, since the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky was okay but not superb.

Problem Solved! Between the Sow’s Ear and Lakeside Fibers, I found rather a few nice chunky yarns! Some are better for cables than others, but mmmm some are very nice.

New Problem? Too much else to knit! And I need to have time to rewrite the patterns and chart them. And how many times can I knit the same hat, anyway?! And gauge could be a bit different with all these yarns….

So, anyone up for test knitting a nice warm hat in August?

Before you raise your hands (yes, I see you in the back there!), here’s what it would entail:

  1. You’d need to be probably at least an intermediate (or at minimum advanced beginner) knitter, accustomed to knitting on double-pointed needles or two circulars (or Magic Loop, but you’d probably have to use dpn’s for the beginning part then). Mostly because circular start and cables and the small diameter circular knitting is a lot to combine if you haven’t done it before.
  2. I’d need you to do a swatch first (I know — groan!) and knit to gauge; that’s why it’s a test knit!
  3. Ideally, if the hat could be done in a couple weeks from getting the yarn, that would be awesome. That’s not a dealbreaker if you have vacation etc., but the hat only takes a couple evenings, and I’d hate to have it take a couple months….
  4. I’d also need you to either take pictures of the finished product & email them to me, or send it back to me (postage paid) so I could photograph it and return to you. I’d also need measurements of the finished hat. And I’d love to know how much yarn was used (or left over) — by weighing the hat if you have an accurate scale (grams are nice), or mailing me back the leftover yarn to weigh if you don’t.
  5. Most importantly, I’d need your feedback about the hat fit, the pattern, anything. This pattern set will probably be a free Ravelry download, but I want it to be right if I do it all official-like. And I expect I may be offering a pattern or two for sale later this year, so this is practice for me.

Well, that’s a lot of demands! What would you get out of it? Free (mostly quite nice) yarn — hopefully a lovely hat at the end for you to keep or gift — and published credit (I expect this will be a free Ravelry download as well as on the blog. And my undying gratitude. : )

Truly, I would be very grateful.

If you would be interested or have any questions, leave a comment or email me at hitherandyarn AT gmail DOT com (you know the drill). I have three hat patterns (one isn’t up yet) and two variations of each hat to knit, so could use at least six test knitters. If you’re interested, email me, and also let me know if you have any yarn allergies/sensitivies.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who’s willing to help!

Hooky Haul and Weekend (Knitting) Update

I told you I had fun at The Sow’s Ear and Lakeside Fibers.

Now, I don’t show all the yarn that comes into this house because I do have, um, enough yarn. There’s a certain Fifth Amendment thing happening, among other reasons. But there was some special yarn that I just have to show off, as well as yarn I mentioned yesterday.

First, I’ve been thinking about knitting Juno Regina sometime. But (believe it or not) I didn’t think I had the perfect yarn. Well, I think I might now. Look at this gorgeousness:

Over 1000 yards of Claudia’s Hand Painted silk lace, Copper Pennies colorway. Oooh. That’s all I can say.

Also, I mentioned the high twist heavyweight Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky which should be a good yarn for the No Name Hat(s).

Now, shield your eyes. The Day-Glo Dale Falk Neon for the BatHat (together with black for bats, of course):

On my monitor, that’s pretty close to real life! Think highlighter color. Gothlet likes it….

Still from the Sow’s Ear and still for the Gothlet:

I would not have bought this yarn without touching and seeing it, but I’m happy to have done so. This is a nylon and acrylic blend from Berroco, called Berroco Comfort Sock. The Gothlet is very sensitive to the itchies. She sometimes finds wool socks too warm, too. But she loves and appreciates handknit things! Lastly, she fell in love a long time ago with Reptilian Lace socks from I had resisted knitting them for her, knowing she would find pretty much any sock yarn itchy and she’d outgrow them in a flash. Well, this yarn looks superbly reptilian; it’s very soft, and it’s cabled, so I think will wear well. As far as growth, she wants me to make them a bit big (and she’s actually wearing women’s size 4 to 5 shoes now anyway). By making them top down as the pattern calls for, I could always knit them a bit longer if needed down the road, too. People have noted that socks knit in this pattern tend to collapse horizontally and not stay up so well. So for the Gothlet, I think I’ll knit 3 pattern repeats on the front instead of 4, and skip the pattern on the back, instead knitting k2 p2 ribbing; that will help with staying up as well as help them fit longer and better — I think.

From Lakeside Fibers, the Packer Yarn:

and one of the skeins of Mountain Colors semi-solid, though I think I’ve changed my mind about its destiny:

(I recalled I have some eBay very nice red alpaca sportweight, over 1000 yds, which I can use for the Garden Party shawl. I’ll find something special for this!)


So, I must knit to make room in stash. (Never mind that the above represents months of knitting. Please move along right past that leap of illogic.)

Here’s what I was up to knitting-wise this weekend, at Late Night Knit Night and various and sundry times and places in Madison and home.

First, I took the time today to pin out Wendy’s (of WendyKnits) Kay’s Diamonds and Purls shawl, so you could see it and so I could assure myself that I’m making progress. I’m on the last repeat of the pattern chart, woo-hoo! Of course, it’s getting wider all the time, but that’s just the nature of the lace beast. It’s still exciting.

It’s about 45 inches by 18 inches right now. I have most of the last pattern repeat and the edging to go, so it will be a good-sized shawl as far as width.

And I just got down to where I’m going to start the heel (AGAIN!) on the meeting sock: third time. I think it’s stretchy enough now, though, to fit over anyone’s foot and lower calf. Sigh. The amount of knitting I’ve done, I should be at this point on the SECOND sock!

Next time I take its picture, I should show you the inside, which looks kind of cool too. The stitch is 3 rows of k2 p2 ribbing, 2 rows k.

Plus I did some stealth knitting. Mostly swatching, but it’s still stealth. You might see the results this weekend.

Hope you had a productive and/or enjoyable weekend too!

Playing Hooky

That’s what the Sow’s Ear employee figured out I was doing, as she added up my (not inconsiderable) purchases. “You’re playing hooky, aren’t you?”


I had a vacation day Friday, and ditched my family, my job and my town and took a knitting road trip to Madison Friday to Saturday!

My excuse was the opportunity, finally, to go to a Friday Late Night Knit Night and meet up with — in particular — fellow knitbloggers Beth and Dale-Harriet, but also the other knitbloggers who congregate as the ‘Hog & Bloggers’.

After getting the usual late start, I had a lovely trip, only marred by the fact I was travelling alone and therefore could not knit. And I had not brought my iPod car adaptor (it was supposed to be in the car) so couldn’t listen to podcasts. But it was a lovely afternoon/evening, made lovelier by the fact that without Mr. Freeway driving, I could take the shorter and more scenic Highway 14 route (Frank Lloyd Wright Highway for part of its course!)

(The interstate is not a direct route, but gives you the illusion that you’re getting there faster because you can drive faster. And burn more gas.) I could turn on the A/C as needed if the 2/60 air conditioning proved insufficient in my little black Saturn. (You know: 2 windows open at 60 mph!) No air conditioning here, or maybe it was 2/10:

I passed (carefully) multiple Amish buggies going there and back, but I snapped a quick picture of this horse and buggy because the horse was not trotting but pacing which I’ve never seen outside a show ring, and going very fast, too. The Amish don’t like their pictures taken, but I was just taking a picture of the horse, not the driver, whom you can’t see. And by the way, both pictures were Kinneared by putting the camera on the dashboard with one hand and clicking without looking, and hoping; then cropping on the computer; sometimes it works out!

I didn’t Kinnear this one; I was approaching Verona by back ways and was on the ridges, on top of the world, near sunset, and got out to take it all in; wow.

Not too long thereafter, I found my way to the Sow’s Ear, and arrived to find the notorious back room in full swing, but a chair could be and was found for me next to Dale-Harriet. I couldn’t get everyone all in one picture; and I never did get introduced to everyone, but here are the Hog & Bloggers!

Now, I should have made everyone go around the table and give me their names, but I neglected to. So if anyone was there and would like to fill me in, please do! But here’s who I know the names of (or had their nametags on, or filled me in later!); in the big picture, starting in the blue at bottom right of center is Dale-Harriet; continuing counter-clockwise, Molly Bee in what I’m gathering was her first Knit Night out since her surgery (having had an ankle tendon repair, I can empathize a bit), Elizabeth SABLE, ? (sorry!), KittyMommy, Beth in the dark shirt (which says, “Kiss my A**” in Gaelic), then JaalaDay, and in the left corner of the first thumbnail, a visitor from Indiana. Jaaladay and Elizabeth SABLE brought issue #3 of their Knitcircus, WHICH I should have picked up a copy of! Forgot. Also.

I had way too much fun hanging out to do any significant stash excursions then; except I did have the mission of finding high-twist chunky weight yarn to play with my No Name Hat patterns, and when I got up to get herbal iced tea, I HAD to walk by the clearance shelves, and lo and behold, there was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky yarn, which I had never seen! In one of my favorite colors, teal (I am such a child of the 80s) and also a rich grape. I bought up all the teal, and a few balls of the purple.

As Beth mentioned, I brought temporary knitting tattoos to share; one of the employees saw them, asked for one, and came out with the memorable words: “This is SO going on my boob right now!” I believe she mentioned her husband was going to be surprised that night….

So we knit (I on my Wendy’s Kay’s Diamonds and Purls shawl) and jabbered, most of us right up until the stroke of 11 pm, when the Sow’s Ear (which was full of knitters, BTW, not just the back room) closed.

Then to my temporary home away from home, to read, crash, wake up the next morning, knit on the shawl, swatch with my new bulky yarn, then back to the Sow’s Ear to REALLY browse.

I like to have a mission. This time it was to find yarn for the Gothlet’s hat for next winter. She really liked the Pirates hat, but it was itchy in the 1/2 inch above the lining where it touched her forehead. Despite the fact that it’s supersoft Dale Baby Ull. But she has sensitive skin.

Because she liked the Pirates hat so much, and appreciates hand-knit gifts (she really does, since she knits and crochets herself), I was willing to knit her another colorwork hat. The chosen hat: the Bathat (pdf link). I had not brought the info with me. But the Sow’s Ear is internet and Ravelry-savvy, and the employee looked it up for me. It’s written for sock yarn knit at 26 stitches per inch, and says it fits a 9 – 10 year old. The Gothlet will turn 11 in February, will probably be hitting a major growth spurt soon, and I figured I would need to fully line the hat to make it itchproof. All reasons to make it bigger. My guesstimate and the employee’s calculations came out the same: sportweight yarn (24 stitches per inch). I headed over towards the Dale area, of which they have a great selection. I first looked at Heilo, but then saw that Falk, the same weight, was Superwash (a good idea with my Gothlet, not that I’m planning to pop it in the washer, but if something bad can happen to her clothes, they will…) However, I started to question the second color (other than black). She used to be a purple freak, but lately, not quite so much. For the Pirates hat, she had asked for a very bright green. I didn’t see that, but I saw a fluorescent yellow, and I wondered….

Well, The Gothlet was there when I called home on my cell phone. I asked her what color she wanted; after a noncommittal answer, when I described the fluorescent yellow, she was very enthusiastic. The color isn’t in the Falk link above, because it’s discontinued, but here it is. (I bought a skein of the hot pink too, for the eye-searing effect together, though it’s not part of the BatHat.)

I was going to line the hat totally in a synthetic or cottony yarn. But the Sow’s Ear employee, together with a Techknitter tutorial, have me convinced to try lining it with fleece. So wish me luck — sewing is not my favorite, but most of it won’t be visible, so that’s a bonus!

Thus, the shopping excursion was a success right there. As well as the Cashmerino Chunky. But I found a few other things. Maybe a few other bags’ worth of things. (Hence the employee’s comment as quoted in the post title.) I’ll show you a few high points, maybe tomorrow when I’ve had a chance to take yarn pictures.

And then I sat and had some pesto-artichoke quiche and grapes and yogurt/organic granola while reading my new copy of Armenian Knitting, then knitting a little lace.

Passing these pretty flowers on the way to my car, I headed into Madison proper (the Sow’s Ear is in Verona, on the southwest outskirts) to Lakeside Fibers, where I had not been. Another wonderful place!

Also a combined coffeeshop and yarn store (so civilized) though at the Sow’s Ear, you can buy yarn any time it’s open; it’s truly combined. Here, they are intertwined but not truly one. But very nice! Here’s part of inside, more the coffeeshop end:

The only yarn goal I had was potentially to find 1000 yds of DK weight yarn, blockable, soft, not very or at all variegated, for a shawl pattern (Garden Party Shawl by Two Old Bags, a Rochester Minnesota duo). Not that easy, actually. But I found some semisolid Mountain Colors Bearfoot, which says it’s sportweight, two in spruce green, and one in navy, that I can use as an edging; if I do use it for that project. And, while there, I found one lonely remaining skein of Green Bay Packer-colored Artyarns Ultramerino4. Not enough for socks. But enough for a pair of fingerless gloves for my Packer-crazy SIL! I might have found some other things, too….

Lakeside Fibers, as its name implies, has a wonderful view of Lake Monona. I did temporarily leave the yarn and walk down to Bernie’s Beach to take a picture of the hazy Saturday Sky for you.

Yes, that’s the Capitol building there in the distance.

After an excellent light early supper of wheatberry salad and sourdough bread (with Organic Valley butter, go local organic farms!), I headed home with my spoils.

Kinnearing was pretty unsuccessful heading west into the sun, as all the photos show is the bugs on my windshield. But I stopped the car at this farm near Spring Green (the only area I saw any flooding yet, but it was pretty significant) to take a couple pictures.

A Saturday Sky with Silos and flood waters.

And apparently, the grass is always greener underwater:

She had plenty of dry ground in her enclosure, but Nooooo. Well, maybe it was cooler.

Here’s a photo of the Saturday Sky as reflected in what ought to be fields:

Well, I guess there was a little Kinnearing, limited as it was. Some of the corn was looking not too bad:

good corn

good corn

bad corn

bad corn

Some of it had suffered.

And then there was operator error:

bad kinnearing

bad kinnearing

Didn’t quite get the whole ‘sign’, but you get the idea.

Somehow, I think the Preteen would resist a family outing to the Cow Chip Festival.

And I got a decent picture while stopped at a traffic light of this scary truck:

It does give a new meaning to “Monster Truck” shows!

And, at long last, arrived home, where people seemed to have slightly missed me – maybe. Other than the Preteen, who was off seeing “The Dark Knight” with a certain someone. (The cat definitely missed me; no one had fed him dinner….)

Playing hooky, indeed! Today was back to reality (wash the towels, go to church). Though I snuck a little knitting in too.

Thanks to the wonderful knitters and knit shops of Madison for letting me come play!

N is for No-Name Hat

One of a (planned) trio of sibling hat designs, test knit up in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky, in Cranberry. (A little darker than it looks in the photo.) This is version 2 (with 8 cables) under the ‘Hat Without a Namet’ page.

This more softly spun 3 ply yarn does not make the cabling ‘pop’ quite the way the gorgeous “Buxom” yarn (received through the Twisted Big Needle Yarn Club, so I’m sorry, you can’t get your hands on any — yet) does. Planned version 3 (I just want to test knit it first to see if it fits an adult human) will be similar to the hat I made of the ‘Floozy’ colorway Buxom yarn

except with six cables instead of eight. Because this hat is a bit roomy-feeling, even though my head’s big (read–can’t wear most women’s hats).

I do have ideas for Names now. (Names — because there are variations on a theme, here.) I probably know what they will be Named, but will wait until I’ve test knit all three hats and can present them together.

Nobody told me, as I got into designing more, and now in the Age of Ravelry, how crucial Naming would be! Can’t have the same Name as someone else’s design, if at all possible. (Hint: Don’t even go down the “Twisty” or “Twisted” path.)

I need to find yarn more similar in characteristics to the Buxom, though, to test knit with, and preferably a photogenic, lighter-colored non-variegated one, to show off the pattern.

Well, today and tomorrow I’ll get that chance! I am going on a knitterly ROAD TRIP! To “Wonderful Madison, Jewel of Wisconsin“, where tonight I get to meet up with Dale-Harriet and Beth face-to-face at the incomparable Sow’s Ear Friday Late Night Knit Night. I am very psyched! Apparently a pig needs to accompany me & hang out with the Hog & Bloggers. I think I’ll wear my knitting tattoo…. Then tomorrow, I should have time to visit Lakeside Fibers, which I’ve never been to.

An Eye Candy Friday Flower for you from the garden, hanging out with the No-Name Hat — and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Name This Hat!

I designed and knit a hat this weekend. Not the lace shawl I’m supposed to be working on; not so much of the socks that ditto: but tell me, when gorgeous soft-as-butter 100% organic merino slow color change exclusive yarn from Twisted Fiber Art “Big Needle” Yarn Club shows up in your Saturday afternoon mail —

What’s a knitter to do?

So I started a top down hat since this was a new yarn and limited yardage; knit a few more inches past this point then frogged (there’s that theme again!) backwards, to less far than this picture, when I decided to put in another set of cables (for 8 altogether) to be more ‘ribby’. And interesting.

After a while, I ended up with this!

(Well, it’s taken 12 years 10 months plus another 9 months prep work to end up with the model. And she’s still a work in progress.) But the hat is finished! (Unless I frog it to refine the pattern a bit….)

Two problems:

I need to reknit another version of the hat (I’ll knit a prototype in some Lorna’s Laces Chunky I have, which is a similar gauge and feel, though not as buttery, and also more softly spun) to fine-tune the fit; and I have no idea about a name, yet I need to name it because people are already interested in the pattern. Total blank here, though.

So while I test knit & adjust, any thoughts as to the name? It shouldn’t reflect the gorgeous yarn, necessarily, since the pattern could be used for any chunky yarn. It’s a top down hat with eyelet cables (neither of those being obvious at first glance).

All ideas welcome!

And the beta version of the pattern should be showing up as a page in the very near future (tonight?). But because this hat is biggish-feeling even on my husband (though the power of K2 P2 ribbing made it stay on the head of even the Gothlet , I’m modifying the pattern to single columns of ribbing rather than the k2 columns. The original pattern would probably be about right for a less bulky yarn, say 16-18 stitches/4 inches. And the ribbing will start sooner. And I’m cleaning up the top. And I’m also putting in the original four cable version…. wait, what if I made six cables instead of eight, maybe then I could use the k2 columns??

Arg, I can’t do all this test knitting to see what works! But I am test knitting the single rib version right now. When I finish typing.

Names, anyone?