Daily Archives: June 11, 2007

Thank you, Chicago!





I have had the most awesome knitting long weekend.

Thank you, Chicago, and Chicago knitters!

I am still exhausted from getting back late last night and getting up early for work, so I cannot (yet) do justice to sharing my knitting (and touristy) saga.

But I need to share some snippets before I fall on my face!

Saturday’s WWKIP day Chicago 2007 was awesome.

Here it is just getting started at noon of a gorgeous day:

And it grew and grew; and kept growing after I had to leave at 1:30 (more on the happy reason I had to leave in a future post!)

me-bonne-marie-crop.jpgHere I am with a wonderfully warm knitter whom many of you know, Ms. Bonne Marie Burns of ChicKnits.

She answered my plea for info when I realized at nearly the last minute that a day in Chicago without my family was a not-to-be-missed opportunity for knitterly fun. Add to that the serendipity of being in town and ‘single’ (i.e. without muggles) only on the ChicKnits KIP night, and in Chicago on WWKIP Day with an actual event happening! Bonne Marie invited me to all, made me feel welcome, and enabled my long, slow yarn crawl sans impatient family before they got there (three yarn shops spread over 36 hours!) . Thanks, Bonne! More details and thanks galore to other knitters will be forthcoming extremely soon, as soon as I upload my hundreds of photos….

But the other quick update is that PINK FUZZY IS DONE!

Thanks to knitting time at Thursday’s ChicKnits KIP, and WWKIP Day, as well as a nice long car trip (never thought I’d say — or type — those words!) and a few minutes over lunch:

Mm, maybe a little blocking is in order, but I was just so excited! Thank you to my lovely Preteen model (she’s not the final recipient — The Preteen would prefer it in green or black anyway).

More later with a day-by-day, LYS-by-LYS account of a weekend of fun!