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Tour de Knit Chicago Day 2

Day 2 of knitting fun!

Today’s post will not be quite the epic that yesterday’s was (read: interminably lengthy!) as much of day 2 was spent in my educational meeting, which was very good. During that time, however, knitting progress was occurring as I did knit away at the prayer shawl which I mentioned yesterday, and made quite a bit of progress:


(This was its state as I got on the train the day before:) prayer-shawl.jpg

Also during the meeting, there was a break: and there was a LYS within a few blocks: yep, you can see this one coming!

So during a break, I dashed out to check out “We’ll Keep You in Stitches“.

You know, years ago, I could trust my memory, and got a little cavalier. Now my brain is full and my children have sucked out what brainpower was left. The address was only two numbers, and their ad said they were on the 4th floor. Except at the address I remembered, there were only 3 floors. I walked up and down Oak Street for 15 minutes till I found the shop: my brain remembered the address as 47, but it was 67 E Oak. (I was going up stairs at nos. 47, 45, 43, 41. . . .) Needless to say, I was late back to my meeting.

This is a tiny shop with an abundance of high end yarn and European magazines and patterns. Open hours are limited, hence my needing to run over during a break. Once again, no picture except this “after” picture:

well-keep-you-in-stitches-swag.jpg The yarn is some nylon cord for The Preteen, who wants to knit a choker and pin a brooch she has on it; as well as the OnLine Linie 194 Solo that knits up into the ruffly scarf the Harlot made. I love red, especially in the winter when everything is gray and white and black and brown. And the knitted bag kits looks so fun! This is a little one, but comes with presewn liner etc and was a reasonable cost; they had bigger kits that were pretty pricey. It was kind of hard to find yarn as much of it was in plastic bags in bins or drawers, and I was rather on my own as far as finding what I was looking for for The Preteen, but I hadn’t seen the Linie 194 anywhere else, so that was exciting. They also had Addi Naturas (which I like for certain yarns) as well as Addi Turbos — always good.

Then, after the meeting was done for the day, the real fun began. I shop-walked (you know what I mean? Walk a little, shop a little, windowshop, walk a little more) my way south starting at Walton and Michigan Avenue, knitting on my fingerless glove (mindless stockinette portion) and sightseeing along the way (click on the thumbnails to see what in the world it is that I’m photographing):




And eventually got to the high point of my whole day:

Loopy Yarns!

Their website says it all — great selection, some unique or hard-to-find yarns , EXTREMELY helpful staff (thanks, Meg!) who were willing to get down and pull yarns out from all over for my knitting needs (sock yarn for sensitive feet, other choices for the Preteen choker, etc., etc.).

Once again, no picture. Dang, what in the world was I thinking? And I thought I took a pic as I left, but I guess not. I was photographed myself, though, as a representative customer apparently, part of the fashion show (though I should have modeled the one finished fingerless glove a la Michael Jackson in a cozy mood).

You know what? No picture of the results of my hour and a half of fiber bliss. My husband might conceivably read this at some point, and I decline to incriminate myself. I may show off bits and pieces later (or check Ravelry when I get more organized about it and it’s up and running fully). But here are some tantalizing tidbits: Fleece Artist thrummed mitten kits (yes, kitS; it does get cold here in Wisconsin!); Panda Cotton in black, red and multicolors for small sensitive Gothlet feet; Handmaiden Sea Silk in lovely earthtones for grown-up sophisticated sensitive feet who actually take care of their socks; Schoeller Stahl Sockina Cotton for summer socks for several different feet, some sensitive, some not; black hemp; a different color of the ruffly scarf Linie 194 Solo; and a cotton blend yarn which has milk protein in it! There’s perhaps a bit more — maybe — maybe enough to fill up two bags possibly perhaps.

With all my booty, I decided NOT to walk back, but instead took the Red Line (subway)

subway-entrance.jpgsubway-home.jpg which got me to within a few blocks of my home away from home.


Eventually, my family showed up, having gotten stuck in traffic. (I had already strategically relocated the yarn booty. No need to discuss it at this point.) We all slept the sleep of the weary after the children had finished exclaiming about the wonders of the hotel. (Don’t get used to it, kids, this is not our usual hang! It’s only because the meeting was here and the lodging gets paid out of my meeting allowance therefore.) (Of course, that was before The Preteen found out there was no pool. This was apparently not compatible with her world view. ALL hotels have pools and she brought her bikini.)

Loopy Yarns, I love you! Can’t I take you home with me? (Well, I did my best to do just that!)