Monthly Archives: December 2009

First Rose of Winter?

I was asked a little while ago if I was still blogging.  Oops.  It’s never been this long!  Blame the Nutcracker Ballet (though I myself am no longer in it, still, having two daughters dancing 5 roles and one understudy role takes a lot of driving time, and volunteering is expected also), as well as the holidays and lots of work.

Well, in recompense, here’s a picture from exactly a month ago, but oh so far away in time and space and season, it seems.

I thought I had showed you the last rose of fall, but when out for a walk the weekend after Thanksgiving, I saw another rose in a neighbor’s yard (mine were indeed gone).

We’d had a warm spell after our October cold snap, and indeed all of this past November was mild and essentially snow-free.  Very odd.  While working in my garden, I had even found a confused daffodil trying to come up!  I think that’s what’s going on with the roses: you can see the lower rosebuds having encountered the hard frost of a month ago, but the top buds foolishly encouraged by the mild November air.

Now, of course, the roses are long gone, buried under a foot of snow and ice.  

How quickly we forget.

I have definitely some knitting to tell you about, and some Events (Nutcracker, for one), if I can catch up.  But for today:

Just roses.