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Casting-On Ceremony

Some might consider it the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics tonight.  Fair enough.

But all that pageant, pomp and circumstance is also in honor of my casting on my 2010 Knitting Olympics project!  Naturally.

(My personal emblem.  The rings of a knitter!)

My Olympics project will be attempting the Simple Knitted Bodice sweater for the Rock Star (my teen daughter). It’s not a hard sweater.   (Not nearly as much of a project as Girasole, by the way: and thanks so much for all the nice comments!  You guys are the best!) It’s just that the last adult sweater I made took me over a year…. and the Olympics are for seventeen days.

But onward and upward! Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Oops, I Knit It Again

So, last October I showed you the Girasole I knit for my mother (she claims to love it!).

And a little earlier, I showed you the beginning of the in-your-face Girasole I ws knitting for myself, out of my favorite addiction, lovely Twisted yarn, in the Ember colorway.

Well, I did it.

I knit it again.

(Though a little bit differently this time, granted.  I modified the edging to one that I liked better and that matched the pattern repeat.  I’m going to meet the designer, the talented Jared Flood, at The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling.  One hopes he won’t be perturbed about the blatant modification…since I was already told I need to bring this shawl to show him.)

Helga, being cold there in the snow, graciously agreed to model once again.  Though the lovely merino-silk blend of Muse and the larger size proved harder for her to keep on her somewhat narrow bronze shoulders.

The shawl, which I have christened “Fireflower”‘,  seemed to work best for her as a half-circle shawl.

She doesn’t seem to care as much for the drama of the 3/4 fold, which makes it almost tea-length.

Though it shows off the knitting that much better.

I like them both!

Despite this shawl’s flamboyant (literally) coloration, which is not usually ‘me’, I love this shawl

and have found an amazing number of outfits to wear it with.

Given how long and how white this winter is proving to be, a vivid Fireflower is just the thing to brighten my days and warm me up!

Back at the Beach Eye Candy Friday

I’m pretending that the ‘S’ word is not in the weather forecast for today.

Instead, I’m remembering my brief trip a couple weeks ago, being able to walk outside without requiring the combined forces of goose feathers, sheep’s wool and heaven only knows what petrochemical products and miracle fibers.  And seeing tiny worlds like this, at dawn:

So tiny.  So perfect.  So fascinating.

The seaweed in particular to me looks as though it came from outer space.

Is it any wonder I tend to spend my beach time looking down?