Prelude to a Celebration (and to a Contest)

Not just Thanksgiving —

but tomorrow, we’ll be having a wonderful feast in celebration of another occasion as well.

Since my brother and his wife will be having Thanksgiving dinner with her family tomorrow, we went out for dinner tonight when they came down from the Twin Cities and started the celebrating early.

But my pre-birthday fun really started even earlier today when a friend of mine at work gave me a couple hilarious presents.  (It’s his birthday today — Happy Birthday, Ken!)

The first (slightly profane, I don’t think any children besides occasionally my teen read this blog, however):


(He knew I’d love it.  And I do!)

Second, even better, a knitting bank for stash money:



The pictures of the other sides didn’t turn out so well, but read:

Ever fantasized about knitting your own work clothes?  Or instantly whipping up some winter mitts and a matching scarf?  Don’t fool yourself.  It’s gonna take some serious money to learn how.

That’s where we come in with our easy-to-use Magic Wool Fund.™ We’ll have you savin’ up before you can holler, “Knit one, purl two!”

You love wool?  That’s your problem.  Our problem is helping you find the funds.


and on the other side, this knitter is calling her dealer:


“I need a half gram of wool and quick!  I’m starting to come down…”

He knows me.  Too funny.


And then tonight we the family went out to an Italian restaurant where good times, good drinks, and good food were had by all, culminated by birthday cannoli courtesy of Ciatti’s.


And some lovely gifts from my brother and sister-in-law.

So, tomorrow is the actual natal day, marking the midpoint of my 40s.  And I loved your comments last year, so I’ve decided to have a birthday blog contest with a similar theme.

Starting tomorrow, November 27, 2008, and going until midnight Monday, December 1st (because I know some people may be on vacation until then):

Please do leave a comment on tomorrow’s post with a favorite quote, poem, motto, saying, or a song with a message that you like (you don’t have to write down the whole song unless you’d like to).  Also, tell me your favorite color (or two colors, if you can’t decide).

The random number generator of Fortune will select a winner, who will receive a very nice (oh, I promise) skein of yarn in their favorite color.  Probably sock yarn, unless you have a preference otherwise (if you are the lucky wiener, I’ll check with you as to weight and fiber preferences).  (I have learned that I can’t decide based on merit.  You all are just too good, and too funny!)

PLUS: bonus contest today!  Here’s a non-random one.

The first person who can say in today’s comments the name of the style of sweater that the fashionable lady on my birthday knitting bank is wearing, and exactly what is depicted on her sweater, will win a small but fun knitting-related prize.

Go for it!

12 responses to “Prelude to a Celebration (and to a Contest)

  1. Can’t place the style, off-hand, but that looks like curling to me.

    Dang, I knew your birthday was coming, and even so… so not ready. Well, happy birthday anyway!

  2. “Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker” ~Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka


    “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men” ~Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka

    Green, Green, Green and I like reds too

    It looks like broom hockey to me but I’m not good with sports and the type stupefys me at the moment, d’oh.

  3. Cowichan Sweater

    Curling Stone and Brush

    Happy Birthday Cathy!

  4. Lovely gifts, indeed. And now I know we’re twins – my birthday is also on the 27th, just a different month and a slightly different year. Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Your hubby certainly has your number.

  6. I knew that the sport was curling. Didn’t know that it was a Cowichan cardigan.

  7. heh heh.. zipped cardigan, two brooms and a bomb (well, it just sorta looks like that from here!)
    The thing that has me laughing so very hard is that back in the 50’s (yes, I really am that old) my Mom actually knit all four of us kids sweaters like that, and made unique designs to put on each of them.
    (shudders to self – hahahah)

  8. All the others knew more than I about the sweater so I will leave that alone.

    Haiku given to me by #1 son on my birthday a few years back:

    Today I am fifty.
    It’s really, really nifty.
    Give me a gifty.

    Hippy birdie 2 ewe!

  9. Happy, happy birthday! It’s an ice skating sweater, and the Tsarina is right, the sport is curling.


  10. I know it’s curling, but I was going to say “intarsia.” I didn’t know there was a more specific style!

    Happy birthday! Have a great one.

  11. I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    No contest entry for me, although I will say: Mary Maxim and Curling!! WooHOO! I saw a Mary Maxim sweater live and in-the-wool while Christmas shopping last year — it was so cool, I was almost stalking the woman through the aisles.

  12. To quote my nephew Joe at the age of 3: “You gonna read the whole thing?” The whole family cracked up–he was speaking to his Uncle Tim, who was reading the ingredient list on the hamburger relish jar, while poor Joe slowly starved to death for lack of a properly condimented burger.

    I enter today, the 27th on yesterday’s entry because I am leaving now for Grandma’s where the turkey and the ToFurkey are cooking as we speak. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!

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