Daily Archives: November 22, 2008

The Sun Comes Out — and Promptly Goes Down


Ah, well, we saw it momentarily, after the clouds all day and the snow this morning.

Poor Miss Gothlet had to run in the blowing snow this morning; it was CHILLY.  For Girls on the Run, she ran a 5K again.


On the one hand, she ran pretty much straight through (last time, she took some walk breaks).  But due to the weather (last race was perfect running weather) and the fact that the GOTR program is just twice a week during the school year (not 5 days a week as in the summer), she ran a titch slower.  Only just over a minute slower: she thought it might be more.

One somewhat different feature of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Turkey Trot is that participants predict their time, and the ten who are closest win turkeys!  The Gothlet was within 7.22 seconds of her predicted time — wow!


That put her 16th as far as predicted results, in a field of over 1750 runners.  No turkey, but still pretty cool.  (The winner was within 0.19 seconds of her predicted time.)  (Statistical note:  About 2/3 of the runners & walkers were female.  Of the top predictors, over 80% were female; the top 5 were all women.  Women are more realistic?  Hmm.  Out of curiosity, I checked the top male finishers: most significantly underestimated their finish time, that is, they were overly optimistic as to how long they would take to finish.  I think they were using the predicted time as a goal time, a psychological device to spur them on.)

The Gothlet, however, used Sharpies as a psychological device.


Works for me!


Coming tomorrow:

Why a box of fluff arrived at my house this week.

And I hope that the weather will permit a Coulee Shawl photo shoot to happen.