Daily Archives: November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo Last Post — Unexpectedly from the Road

I should have been home by now, with some pictures to show you of the weekend (though I didn’t take a bunch of photos that I should have).

But weather and bad roads intervened, and I am stuck in Rochester, Minnesota, typing in a motel lobby, due to black ice.  When you are passing your 15th accident/car in the ditch in your little Saturn that handles poorly in winter anyway, and traffic is going 20 miles an hour, and you have 90 miles to go, and it’s starting to snow more, and dark is falling — common sense hopefully kicks in.  (Especially with the Gothlet in the car.)

So no new photos. I am thankful to be safe and warm.  (Especially thankful that my good friends, who WERE involved in a car accident last night, are reasonably well even if their car isn’t.)  And tomorrow, in daylight, I have confidence that the very efficient Minnesota highway department will be on the job.  (Once the temperature warms up just a few degrees, it will be fine. It was just snow that melted, then froze, then blowing snow on top of the then dreaded ‘black ice’.  The road changed within 5 minutes from just a bit damp to causing one-car rollovers….)

I hope you are all safe and home with your families now.  As I will be soon! Take care, be safe, and hug your loved ones.  Till tomorrow —