Daily Archives: November 1, 2008

The Day as Seen in Saturday Skies

Every picture from today has the Saturday Sky in it!

First, this morning we drove down Main Street (USA) heading toward Grandad Bluff

then turned the car toward the vicinity of Madison (Wisconsin), to see the RockStar sing in a statewide Middle School Honors Choir.

The cirrus clouds promised fair weather as we approached the concert site.

(You’re lucky this isn’t Smell-o-vision, however; someone was spreading pig manure in the vicinity.  Moving along….)

Imagine a number of talented middle school musicians singing high school and college level pieces, with one particular alto in the back singing beautifully (of course).  (Not that I could hear her, naturally, but I’ve heard her rehearse, and I could see her singing with intensity and engagement.) (and yes, the links are cheating ever so slightly, but excuse a proud mother!)

Afterwards, a quick picture outside before piling back in the car for the long ride home.

It was a long ride.  Someone was tired.

After she woke up again, we saw parasailing.

On my single trip to the Caribbean, I thought I might try that but never did.  Sometime, perhaps.

As the sun set, something interesting happened to the right of the sun.  You can start to see it here, straight ahead.

But it became clearer as the sun set a little further.

We had an argument stimulating discussion about this phenomenon.  I called this a ‘sun dog‘.  My beloved spouse mocked me.  He said it wasn’t a sun dog at all, that that was something totally different, and that this was a sunbow. Well, usually, I’m certain of my rectitude (even if I’m wrong), but being still sick and having mucus in the brain, and not really feeling sure, I didn’t argue further.

But, if you follow the links above, you will see that I was totally right.  Ha.

Then we drove into the Gates of Hell.  And thus endeth the day.