Daily Archives: November 16, 2008

Upside Down, Inside Out

No, that’s not how Beya-the-kitten is turning our house  — though the description “Bouncing Off The Ceiling” (A*Teens YouTube link, follow at your own risk of earworm, you have been warned!) certainly could be applied to kittenly antics!

Rather, those are descriptions that could be applied to my latest Finished Object.  (Along with Mind-Bending and Escher-esque.)

I realize I never told you I was knitting this.  You know, this blogging daily (with the same amount of knitting) leads to fewer knitting-related posts….but the other issue is that, as many of us lament, the daylight savings time change drastically limits knitting photo ops.

But I’m telling you now!  I finished a Cat Bordhi-type Moebius scarf last Thursday, while away at a meeting, and between photo shoots in a hotel bathroom, walking around Rochester (Minnesota) during daylight hours, and a quick outdoor shot Saturday, I have some Magical Mystery Moebius pictures to show you!

First of all, this was inspired to be cast on by an email Cat sent.  I was on an email list of hers from a knitting seminar she gave this fall (which I couldn’t go to, and it filled up in seventeen seconds anyway).  She sent an email out after the presidential election, reflecting on the need for healing and coming together, and the fact that she was knitting a Moebius scarf right then while traveling to Stitches East, and finding the process soothing and symbolic.  She hoped perhaps others might join her.  She also posted on Ravelry; if you are on Ravelry, see her eloquent original message here.

Well, I had been plotting a Moebius scarf for a while anyway.  I had the yarn picked out.  I’d knit several Moebius projects before.   So this gave me the kick in the pants I needed.  I cast it on a week ago Friday, and finished it Thursday, while also knitting away on the Coulee shawl and a small project.

Here it is on the needles:


Yarn is (for a change — NOT!) from Twisted — Duchess (DK weight superwash merino) “long repeat” (longer spaces between color changes) in the Minstrel colorway.  See how the long needle (150 cm, 60 inch, Addi) is looped around with one twist, like a roller coaster.  The stitch marker at 3:00 marks the start of a round, but the cast-on is in the MIDDLE, where the plum-colored stripe is, at the same level as the stitch marker (halfway between the inside and outside cable).

I then used a coordinating “Subtle” color to Minstrel, “Plummy”, to do an I-cord bind-off.  In fact, the lack of these semi-solid colors before now had led me not to knit this project yet in this yarn; different colors in wide stripes along the I-cord were not what I was picturing.  But when the Subtles came along, I knew what this yarn was going to become.

And here it is!  One of the fun things about a Moebius scarf is that you can wear it in a variety of ways.  So, in the privacy of my hotel bathroom, I tried them all.  (This is by far and away the most pictures of me on my blog you have ever seen.  Mostly because I was nowhere near my usually willing RockStar model…..)

Worn in the usual scarf-like way (while checking the camera, don’t you walk around like this?):

moebius-self-portrait oh, ok…. moebius-full-length

but then one can give a little twist and pull it up over one’s head, like so:

moebius-babushka In fact, the next day while walking around, the winds were brisk (as they often are in Rochester) and I did this right out in public as I was walking.

Of course, then I had to take a picture of it.


Now back to the bathroom gallery.  A couple more variations on the theme:

moebius-yet-another-look moebius-smug

I can’t tell you how weird it is to see a gazillion pictures of myself on the blog….

Anyway, a couple close-ups of the SCARF:



I purely love these colors.  Loverly.  GOOD November colors.  Yes?

I did also find that my thumb, which I thought was all better, was not enthused about purling 1200 purl stitches in a row.  Not awful.  But purling is definitely not high on my thumb’s hit parade.

However, worth it for this.  And I just have to be sensible, and take rest breaks, and switch up projects.   Which is all good advice.

I needed the scarf today.  I thought the weather was supposed to clear up, but not quite yet, apparently.  This morning when I opened the door:


Where’s my new scarf?