Good news, bad news (you know the drill)

I’ve been offline: work, family, and more work (one dance class in there, which my calf and butt muscles are telling me about right now). And the rest of the week is going to be at least as busy.

But I know one or two people, perhaps, are looking for the feathered fingerless mitt pattern — and the name of the pattern — and therefore the winner of the bonus Dream in Color Smooshy in Black Parade pair o’ mitts’ worth of yarn!

Here’s where the good news/bad news etc. etc. etc comes in.

Good news: The pattern will be published.

Even better news for me: It looks as though it may be published in a more widely available venue. . . .

Bad news for you: If so, you’ll have to wait a while. Sorry! I really am. I can’t tell you any more now, until things are farther along in the process, and I have permission. But if I weren’t so exhausted, I’d be bouncing off the walls. And any remuneration for the design will go to charity, just as originally planned.

Although you very creative people came up with some great names, many of you said you liked the original name of “Raven Feather Mitts” the best. So let it be written, so let it be done!

I therefore got to cop out ONCE AGAIN and go to my trusty computer random number generator (much more dependable than a human, studies show that people do not come up with truly random numbers) to come up with a Smooshy remnant winner.

But I had already resolved, upon rereading the names, to give a special Miss Congeniality Mention to a fellow punster, Deb of Wound Too Tight . Her suggestion was “Feather and Yarn”. How Perfect is that?

So how perfect is it that the random number generator came up with, behind curtain #5 — that very same Deb?! Puns Rule!

Deb, I’ve just emailed you; send me your snail mail address for a small but tasty and usable amount of Dream in Color Smooshy (and it is!  Smooshy, that is.  And very lovely.  There’s a story to tell about that yarn, but I’ll save that for another day.).

And although unfortunately you can’t quite knit the Raven Feather Mitts with it yet: as a bonus prize, if you wish, Deb, I can send you the basic pattern for the Preteen’s Mitts, as seen in this post.  Let me know. Other options include kids’ socks or a baby hat & bootie set for a radical baby.

Thanks, again, y’all.  See you this weekend!

5 responses to “Good news, bad news (you know the drill)

  1. I love small and tasty but usable amounts of yarn! Yeah for me!!

  2. Yay for Deb and Cathy-Cate!

  3. Hrm. Of course, I’m wondering what ‘venue’ you’re talking about!

    Ahh… somehow I was roped into volunteering at MOA during the knit-out from 11 to 1 on Saturday to teach people to knit or as a ‘knitting doctor’. I will be available anytime before or after this. 🙂

  4. I am sooooo curious, can hardly wait. I have a feeling it’s exciting and maybe even we all should say congrats to you. But am still having a hard time waiting!! My daughter’s friend really needs those Raven Feather Mitts for his cold guitar playing fingers. Oh, and congrats to Deb for winning the Squooshy yarn!

  5. Well, that’s very exciting! I can’t wait to see what this is all about… glad you’re back!

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