The last presents were opened today, as old friends of ours stopped by before leaving town. But of course, the best part of Christmas was the time we spent together with family and friends. Including my friends just mentioned above; today was their 20th wedding anniversary! And my husband and I were their best man/maid of honor; 20 years ago. Wow, what a concept. Wait, the picture’s up on the fridge. Let me get it and scan it for you.


My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I, December 26, 1987. Note the 80’s glasses. (Mine were just as big, but I had put contacts in for the occasion.) We were just babies. Good heavens.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Jackie and Shaun!

Yesterday, we had a relaxed morning, having gone to the candlelight Lessons and Carols church service the night before; then my brother-in-law and his wife came over, bearing fudge and presents; then dinner at my folks’, which we usually do potluck style. Now my husband is the literal chef in the family, having been a sous-chef in a fancy restaurant in one of his former lives. But there were two recipes from knitbloggers I was anxious to try, and wasn’t able/allowed to at Thanksgiving. So I made Corn Souffle as shared by Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting, and Southern Living Pumpkin Pie which Wendy makes every Thanksgiving. They were both well-received, though my daughters unflatteringly questioned that I had really made them. Twice. “You MADE this, Mom? YOU made it?” Gee, thanks, girls. Ah well, at least they liked it.

Speaking of things that were liked: the hand-knits were also well-received. I shamelessly stole borrowed Steph’s Unoriginal Hat idea. Except that even though her Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia and my Misti Alpaca Super Chunky are supposed to knit to the same gauge — they don’t, in my hands. There was no way I was going to achieve the same gauge. So I heavily modified the hat, therefore now I supposed it’s an Extremely Unoriginal Hat. Or a Plagiarized Unoriginal Hat. Anyway, inspired by the above, here are the girls’ Extremely Unoriginal Hats:


The Gothlet didn’t take her purple hat off all day.

The Preteen didn’t take her fingerless mitts off all day, except to eat:


These pictures were her idea, and she particularly requested the following photo be posted!


She is über-cool, not?

So all those that received hand-knits were requested to model them:


My husband’s brother, who could stand in for Santa, if Santa were a mathematical genius;

and my sister-in-law, my brother’s wife, who liked her Twisted fingerless mitts and Pioneer Braid scarf:



The gloves were a little loose on me, so I wasn’t sure they’d fit my sister-in-law, but I thought she’d like the colors, so I took a chance. And they fit her perfectly; her hands are a bit bigger than mine. It was meant to be, apparently.

My brother got a present on the needles:


And actually, that was a good thing because I could try them on and fit them to his hand. I knew he had big hands, but even so, I think I would have made them too small; he’s 6’2″ with hands that are proportionate! My husband’s hands are broad but not as big all over.

But I frogged after the above picture; I was hating the flashing. I like the stripy effect at the cuff, but with the gusset, the “pool” was widening and spreading, and it looked like it was just going to keep on going. So I ripped back almost all the gusset. I divided the yarn into two balls, winding by hand, making sure to wind in the same direction. And now, for the gusset, I am alternating every two rows with the two different balls, making sure I originally started at a different spot in the color sequence, and it’s better from my point of view.

I have a little more to share, but it’s getting late and I have to work way too early in the morning. So I will leave you with a couple final Preteen shots (I think she’s working on her 8 x 10 portfolio):

First, I Love My Hat:


and I Love My Presents:


Hope your holidays were happy too!

7 responses to “Unwrapped!

  1. Does it strike you as ironic and unfair that big glasses were stylish in the 1980s (I had some with red transparent frames; loved them) when we were young, and now, when we all need bifocals, skinny little glasses are all the rage? Unfair. I protest.

    I did you a favor and did NOT show the photos of Preteen to #2 son. A Preteen does not need a boyfriend, no matter what a good guy he is. Both your girls are cuties.

  2. We had corn souffle yesterday, too. Good stuff! I love the way the hats turned out.

  3. Sadly I also had big frame glasses in the ’80s. They matched my white girl afro… Love the hats!

  4. Adorable photo of you & Mike in the 80’s. Perhaps it’s just hair color, but your preteen looks like she takes after you. 🙂

    Nothing is more relieving than well-recieved knitted gifts. I’m glad your family was all smiles!

    -looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  5. I had those big glasses too, in red…totally Sally Jesse! Looks like preteen there is channelling Adam West and his Batusi. Would she gag about that? She looks much like you. I think that’s what is supposed to happen when you make a pattern, adapt it for yourself (the unoriginal hats there).

  6. Hi Cathy-Cate–

    Isn’t it wonderful to have gift recipients who know the value of a hand-knit?

    I still owe you a prize (and do know what I’ll be sending)–my pre-new year’s resolution is to finally drag my lazy self down to the post office.


  7. In both the second picture and the ninth, your daughter reminded me (strangely) of Emma Watson, the actress from “Harry Potter”.

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