Daily Archives: February 10, 2008


…go together this time of year like knitters and cats, like books and tea, like cocoa and peppermint schnapps (okay, maybe that last is just a Midwestern thing).

Not that I approve, you understand. It’s frickin’ February — time for a February thaw! But around here, you know when the snow rolls through, that there’s a good chance of a cold front right behind — with some accompanying sunshine, at least. I had to take a picture just now, because I may have to remind myself what blue skies look like again soon.


You can see the chimney smoke going straight up from the house across the street; a good sign; the wind has died down so the wind chill warnings have been downgraded from this morning, when I walked to church in -31 degrees F windchills (colder in Minneapolis, though, it usually is). It never did get above -3 today, though.

So a good day for drinking hot beverages and knitting! There were a few other things to do, but I did make visible progress on my brother’s Printed Circuitboard Fingerless Mitts (that’s the name of the Yarn Nerd colorway, in case anyone is wondering!). They should achieve FO status, or very close, tonight. Here they are, chillin’ on the front porch (literally chillin’).


I did a little yarn dyeing this afternoon too: some of the same sort of lovely suri alpaca yarn that became the Wedding Pi Shawl. It was a murky brownish-purple to begin with. (I’ll show you before and after pictures once it’s all dry and reskeined.) It’s for the Gothlet’s birthday next week. Since she appreciates hand-knit gifts, and lace, and soft, fuzzy, warm things (what a treasure of a daughter!), I am making her this very special shawl.

Since I think it would be impossible to knit something like this for someone you live in the same house with, when you are a busy working mom, in less than, oh, two years or so, the Gothlet already knows about it (I also decided before putting months of my life into it, that it behooved me to make certain it was really something she liked — even though I was pretty sure — so I showed her the pattern and asked). (Gulp! While Googling pictures to show you — the shop pictures are smaller — I ran across Fleegle’s blog entry that said, as she was starting this, that this was about the hardest lace project she’d ever knit. She’s a master lace knitter. Hooboy.)

So: I will ceremoniously cast it on, on her birthday! With the newly much more purple suri alpaca yarn. I’m excited about it. Not that I don’t have many other things on my needles and in my head (I have to sit down and chart my EPS cardi and watch Meg’s DVD, before that big project can get going, for example), but this looks like new lace techniques to me and is rated “challenging”, which I take as — a challenge! No promises, no pressure, about when it’s getting done, but this should be a fun ride.

(Fleegle said it was hard. Wish me luck…)