Help! I Need Somebody!

As I prepare to write up the pattern for the Raven Feather Mitts


(shown here cropped to exclude the tumor watch lump),

I realized I needed a different name for the pattern.

The name was perfect for the mitts I knit, given their recipient, his music (one of his CDs is called Raven in the Snow), and the yarn. But the pattern can and should be knit with whatever yarn the knitter decides upon. Knitter’s Choice! It could be a Cardinal in the Snow, a Blue Jay, a Chickadee, an Owl, a Phoenix, a Roc, or a Pink and Purple spotted bird!

So — it’s been a Very Long Day at work today and it will be a long day tomorrow, I can tell already. I have one idea but it seems kind of lame. And Feather Mitts is just way too pedestrian. (No play on words intended.) My brain is not coming up with the Perfect Pattern Name.

Any ideas?

I do have an incentive!

If someone suggests a name for this pattern, and no one else has used the name before, and I love it and choose it:

I will send you the remaining yarn that I used to knit the above mitts (and the Preteen’s).

Dream in Color Smooshy: Colorway Black Parade. It’s gorgeous.

It should be enough to knit one more pair of women’s mitts (or socks for a very hip kid). I’d weigh it, but I can’t find my scale right now; the hand-wound ball is about the size of a large orange.

I’d like to publish this on Sunday (2/3/08), so please put your thinking caps on and help me out! Thank you so much!

21 responses to “Help! I Need Somebody!

  1. How about “Mitts of a Feather” … you know, they flock (erhm) together. In pairs.

  2. The most I can think of right now is “Edgar Allan Poe”. hope it’s alright. πŸ™‚

  3. Delurking to suggest “Plumed Mitts”. BTW they look great!

  4. Actually, I think that Raven Feather, or Raven Feather Mitts are a perfect name. It aptly describes why you designed/knit the mitts– and has a lovely story to go with it.

  5. “Feathered Friends” or “Feathered Hands” is all I can think of.

  6. “Feathered Friends” or “Feathered Hands” is all I can think of.

  7. The feather reminds me of a quill. Since I would wear these mitts at the chilly research library while reading Latin texts and scholarly tomes, I would call them “Pen is Mightier than the Sword.”

  8. I agree with Deb–the name has a story behind it…that’s better than a catchy phrase and I would just keep the name as is.

    If you really don’t like the current name, I propose
    ‘Flight of the Feather’.

  9. Nevermore
    Taking Wing

    Those are my five best goes at it (for now).

  10. Or–isn’t Raven a trickster? So, why not–


  11. How about Comfort, as in feather comforter? Or Feathery Comfort, or Downy Comfort? I have to say, I was already attacked to Raven Feather.

  12. oops! Should read before I hit the submit button!! I was already ATTACHED to Raven Feather!

  13. I liked ‘Raven Feather Mitts’!!

  14. Raven Feather caught my eye, too. I’m doing the two raven shawls from, so I’m all about ravens this winter. I say go with the original name. The other name that occurred to me when you were talking about blue jays and cardinals was “Snowbird.”

  15. Barbie O. in Montreal

    Thought about “Feather in Hand” or Feather on Hand” but could be too close to Kate Gilbert’s “Bird in Hand” mitt pattern. How about “Feathered Hands”…”Hand Feathers”? Man, this could get crazy! And I still like your original, no matter what yarn or colour. Good Luck!

  16. I like Raven Feather Mitts! πŸ™‚ Hmm, I know I’m too late, but how about Mitts of a Feather, riffing off Birds of a Feather?

  17. One more–

    Alar for winged–a common crossword puzzle word.

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