Freeze-Thaw Eye Candy Friday


I know icicles mean something negative about the roof insulation (what a shock on a 115-year-old house!), but they are so beautiful in the afternoon light.

6 responses to “Freeze-Thaw Eye Candy Friday

  1. So pretty. It’s true about the roof insulation, but also true about “what would life be without beautiful icicles?” 🙂

  2. HAH! I was just sitting here, looking out the window while some comment loaded, looking at the icicles, watching them drip drip drip, and thinking, ‘hey, that’d make an interesting blog pic’!!!!!!!! But our brief shot of sun has disappeared. It’s going to snow again soon.

  3. You got a great shot of the icicles. Lovely.

  4. thats pretty cool do you have any iceicles that touch from the rof to the ground that be cool then yo could make a tower

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