Daily Archives: February 9, 2008

Saturday Sky with Snow AND Crane

And Now For Something Completely Different — NOT.

If I have to type Gray Saturday Sky with Snow one more time — I think I’m going to hurt somebody. Yep; it’s snowing again, see it?


And tonight the temperature is supposed to drop 35 degrees from this afternoon’s high of 25 degrees F, to -10 degrees F, with wind chills as low as -35 degrees F. Nothing new there either. Though the night skies are clear, the clouds having being swept away (figuratively, of course) by the brisk north wind.

Nothing suspended on the crane today at work, folks. We joked that there should be a heart up for Valentine’s Day, but that the construction workers, being guys, had probably forgotten about Valentine’s Day coming up….

Do you see the red-painted metal ball? It does have a smiley face painted on it, which I was trying to photograph, but it was smiling out sideways to me and is a little far up in the air to be clear. Another day, when the crane is in use, I’ll try to get a picture closer up of the smiley face (it often comes swinging by the window of the break room, which can be rather disconcerting as I’m pouring myself coffee from the pot near the window).

All this, by the way, is in aid of constructing a largely subterranean parking ramp. While not usually a project people get excited about, the ramp is replacing surface parking, which is inefficient and ugly. When the ramp is done, it will allow patients & families to walk into the clinic I work at, without ever going outside in the (for example) 5 months of wintry weather we experience here; and to walk into a large, airy new atrium space utilizing environmentally sound engineering; and the plan is to cover the top of the ramp with green space. That all sounds very exciting to me!

Speaking of green —

Here’s what I knit a little bit on today, which you’ve seen before in progress, an overdue Christmas present for my brother, whom I have found out has really big hands. Sorry, bro, if your hands are this big, it might be a while before you receive any handknit socks. . . . especially based on my rate of progress on certain other socks. In any case, the fingerless mitts he’s getting harmonized very well with the garnish from my lunch, see?


The neutral but otherwise repulsive backdrop is my office carpeting. That’s about as discount industrial as it gets, I think.

Well, next weekend, instead of photographing happy cranes, leftovers and knitting at work, I’ll be in the Twin Cities with the Gothlet, who will be 9 years and 364/365ths about this time next Saturday. We’re going to the Knit Out and Crochet 2008 at the MegaMall Mall of America. Just to experience 50,000 knitters and have a chance to get out of Dodge, and see some family and (knitting) friends. The Preteen was supposed to come with us, but a friend’s birthday party trumped shopping — even at The Mall, even with no tax on clothing! And my husband had no interest in MOA, knitters, etc. at this or most any point. The Gothlet is easy to travel with, other than a limited food repertoire (but find her bread, butter, and cheese, and she’s happy in a pinch); and she’ll like just her and Mom time. This is only a mini-break, but I’m looking forward to it. Other than I’m not looking forward to not being able to knit during the three-hour drive; I’m spoiled by the fact that my husband prefers to drive, and does it well, so I pretty much always get to knit! Not this time.

I know where to find Deb S of Cashmere Dreams (if you’re at the Event, look for her to be a Knitting Doctor Saturday 11 – 1 — there, I’ve outed her!). Will I see anyone else there in the crowd Saturday? Sunday is Birthday Brunch and then home, I think.

STAY WARM, all you in the upper midwest with me! I’m planning on going no further from home than I need to this weekend. Wish I’d finished those thrummed mittens; I’ve been dragging them around and trying to work on #2, but it’s hard to thrum on the go. The roving would be blowin’ in the wind….