Daily Archives: February 11, 2008

In which it is discovered yet again that appearances can be deceiving

I was SO looking forward to an FO, not least because these are delinquent (no, they’re not particularly naughty other than that flashing [!], just late). But it is not to be.


No, no, no, no, I am not an FO

Even though I’m laying down on the flo’.

(Not claiming to make much sense. But it rhymed!)

And it’s not the obviously unfinished thumb gusset that leads to the essential un-FOness. No — the right-hand mitt is significantly snugger than the left-hand mitt. These are – not fraternal twins, but the technical term would be discordant twins. It’s not obvious until you put them on. Which, as you might surmise, I only did before starting the thumb gusset — obviously. I swear I’m using the exact same needles! But the first mitt was knit around and after Christmas, and apparently I was in a more relaxed mood. It’s possible I have a tad bit more adrenaline floating around right now, from one thing and another. Plus I was knitting a lot of this one in the relative dark, and I think I knit tighter when I’m not looking, so as to keep the stitches on the needles better. Mr. Right (ha!) is a great gauge for a sock; which is a touch firmer than I like my mitts, at least for general purpose indoor-outdoor-musical instrument-playing wear, but fine in and of itself. Mr. Left is more resilient and giving. He feels baggy on my hand, but was fit-tested on the hand of my 6-foot-two brother, whereas Mr. Right is almost perfect for my hand, and the firmer gauge would be fine for outdoorsy mitts, but would not be big enough for big brother.


This solves the problem of what to do with half a skein of Yarn Nerd yarn! Which problem I was actually pondering last week.

I can’t stand to rip out a perfectly good mitt when I have lots of yarn, so I will knit a third mitt (I’m thinking I need to go up one size needles at this point and watch things carefully; I’m getting 8 1/4 stitches/inch on Mr. Left) in time to give it to my brother this coming weekend (he lives in the Twin Cities). Then I will knit a 4th mitt to match Mr. Right and save this as a future present for my Green Bay Packer-loving SIL, since these are green and gold. Upon receipt, she expresses great appreciation for hand-knit and for Packer gifts. The which expression of appreciation is a great inducement for more knits to be made, including Packer knits. (Hopefully she’s not just being polite.) Cool!

There’s also a stealth project in the works, but obviously — I just tell you that to torment you. Or to excuse the fact that you will see nothing new for the next couple days, really, I suppose. A third mitt that looks like the first two, and a lot of nothing knit-bloggable otherwise.

I’d better start spilling SOME beans here eventually. Too many secrets! Can’t stand it.

Well — the day I leave for the Twin Cities — it should be official when the money gets withdrawn on Friday — I’ll tell you my big guilty indulgence for me, me, me, that’s coming up this spring. And I think you’ll understand why I’m giving up yarn for February and March (besides wanting to support wonderful causes). I’ve just been hugging this to my chest; and a little ambivalent about telling y’all — some might be envious (I’d take you with if I could, really!), some will laugh, some won’t get it, my husband already knows I’m crazy.

And I’ll show the stealth project in due time, not too long.

And I’ll tell you more about the Raven Feather Mitts when I see something in writing and I have permission.

How’s that?