Daily Archives: February 15, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude


I am so very thankful.

I am thankful that my mother is doing very well so far, recovering from her surgery. (She and I feel that any surgery where you don’t vomit has a head start on being a good surgery, for one thing.)  (ETA: Ooops, spoke too soon!  Fine now, though.)

I am thankful that I have such wonderful friends, face-to-face and the blogosphere, new and old, “silver and gold”, as the Girl Scout song has it.

I am thankful that I will see two of those new friends in person tonight — Wound Too Tight Deb and Kmkat. (I’ll be the one with the Dream In Color Smooshy yarn to hand over, but I promise, Trinity the corn snake is staying at home. Besides, I doubt mice are on the menu at the restaurant. At least, I certainly hope not!) In the never-to-be-forgotten words of The Preteen when she was two (there’s something strange about that sentence): these are two “friends I haven’t met yet”!

I am thankful that I will be seeing another blog friend tomorrow, whom I HAVE met and bonded with immediately, another Deb, Wollmeise-enabler and generosity itself. (If you’re coming to the Knit Out & Crochet 2008, ask her to fix your knitting — she’s a knitting doctor Saturday from 11 – 1!) And I may see more Twin Cities knitters (well, I’m sure I’ll see more TC knitters, I mean, more that I know!) tomorrow, too, who knows?

I am especially thankful that tomorrow I will also be seeing my wonderful aunt Kathi, who probably made me my first hand-knit or -crocheted gift ever (well, she was perhaps competing with my grandma and her sister, but I still have the sweater she made me in high school, among other precious handmade objects). She was laughing the other day about how the yarn companies are making all these techniques seem like they’re brand new, when she was doing them many years ago. Well, they have to sell yarn somehow, I guess! I don’t get up to Minneapolis/St. Paul much these days since having children, and having a job where I work a lot of weekends, so I don’t see my extended family nearly as much as I would like. And along those same lines, I will also be seeing my big brother Sunday (whoops, better get a move on, on those Printed Circuitboard mitts; if you see me Saturday, I will probably have a green and gold project in my hand!).

I am thankful for sunrises


and sunsets


and all the other beautiful accidental moments in our life that make us (it is to be hoped) pause — and wonder. For example, the two photos above are not the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets I’ve photographed: they just happened to be last night’s sunset as seen from my front porch, and sunrise of the day before yesterday, as seen from my back yard, on the way to my car.  Ambushed by beauty at every turn, sometimes, we are, if we just see it.

I am thankful that I have this blog to share with you all, and that I make Nora’s day! (Right back atcha, babe!) Nora and I are turning out to have an amazing amount in common, even if I was not a dedicated follower of fashion as much as she was.

And I am thankful that I have all YOUR blogs to read!! I’m sorry that the blogroll on my blog is so woefully out of date (like from the second month I had my blog!). (It’s not the only thing that’s out of date; I have completed some FOs in 2008, but you wouldn’t know it from the pages, sigh.) Anyway; LOTS of you make my day, including everyone I’ve already mentioned above, plus Stephanie, Norma, Lisa, Lisa, Vicki, Beth, Chris, Franklin, my Doppelganger Laurie, Susan, Wendy, Ann&Kay, Dale-Harriet, & Sarah-Hope — and many more. I’m not going to put you all on the spot to name 10 more bloggers, but rest assured that you are an awesome bunch, and I love reading what you write. Thank you!


And — wait for it, here’s one of the secrets I’ve been hugging to myself, selfishly — I am extra specially, somewhat guiltily, thankful that in mid-April I will be flying to the Pacific Northwest, to Orcas Island, Washington, where I will be attending Blue Moon Fiber Arts Camp Crow’s Feet Sock Camp!!

Here’s what Cat Bordhi’s saying about it:

April 14-18, 2008, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Camp – “Camp Crow’s Feet”, on Orcas Island, Washington
Details of this event are still being developed, but if it is anything like what happened last year, well, coherent words escape me. Underwater knitting contests, campfires, a whale-watching voyage, not to speak of more impassioned sock-knitters and beautiful yarn gathered in one spot than perhaps ever before . . . anyway, this year I am going to knit with my hands underwater the whole time so I don’t get disqualified. For more information, visit bluemoonfiberarts.com.

and here’s what Stephanie Pearl-McPhee had to say about it last year, here and here.

Even though I’m not really a sock knitter — my main qualification is that I just love sock yarn — they still let me in. (Shhh, don’t tell!)

Two months! How can I wait?!

By reminding myself of how much I have to be thankful for, I guess!

And I guess I’m thankful that even with Leap Day, that February is still the shortest month of the year. Half over!


Even if March is the snowiest month around here.