All right, just one more story

How the Flagellum Got its Kinks:

A bedtime story for knitters, with pictures.

First, the wool yarn was dampened.

Then, it was wound around an old-fashioned hairpin*. Over, under, over, under.

Next, a paper clip held the yarn.

Last, the impatient knitter blow-dried the flagella.


The paper clip came off.

The hair pin was unwound: under, over, under, over.


Kinky flagella!

Now it’s time for bed. Lights out!

*Used in this house for ballet buns. An opened-up paper clip could work too, or other household objects I haven’t thought of yet.

3 responses to “All right, just one more story

  1. Well….this whole thing will probably get you some interesting search engine hits. And the people who come here because of them are going to be really disappointed. The very thought makes me laugh.

  2. martha in mobile

    Jeanne, I was thinking the same thing. Not that I would ever do a search for “kinky flagella” (shifty eyes)…

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