Daily Archives: May 30, 2008

Eye(Ris) Candy Friday

Two days ago, when there was sunshine:

Either the aliens have landed, or my tall irises are blooming!

Just in time for our wedding anniversary, which is TODAY, not the 27th, which is what I said before.  (I can’t believe I wrote that! My only excuse is that the 27th is a friend’s birthday, and obviously I got my special occasion wires crossed. But it had the side effect of making my mother happy that she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, if she can remember her daughter’s anniversary date better than her daughter….)

And indeed the lilies of the valley, the flower I most wanted in my wedding bouquet, are unusually in full bloom still, with our late spring. Mmmm.

White coral bells, upon a slender stalk

Liles of the valley deck my garden walk.

Oh, don’t you wish that you could hear them ring?…

Sixteen years ago today, it was a very nice day on the banks of the Mississippi, as I recall.