Daily Archives: May 20, 2008

This Is the Scarf That Never Ends….

…it just goes on and on, my friends!

(in the (slightly amended) words of the song that my children taught me!)

Well, not really, of course, but you all know how scarves tend to seem to go on forever as far as knitting anyway; so next time I get the bright idea to make a scarf from fingering weight yarn — give me a reality check, won’t you?

If I had thought a bit, I could have knit this lovely Yarn Pirate yarn together with, for example, a soft white yarn, or knit it doubled, for my ‘Frozen Waterfall’ scarf. And I would have been done a week ago!

Not only is the row gauge killing me (I.e. many rows to the inch), but the stitch pattern is just taking a lot longer than it seems like it should to knit.

Yes, it LOOKS like garter stitch.

But it’s really TWISTED garter stitch (knit into the back of every stitch), which I don’t mind for doing ribbing, etc., in fact, I like it; but which slows me down considerably compared to plain knitting.

Here you can see the twists: look at (for example) the row of white stitches, how it looks like they have their legs demurely crossed at the ankle. The purpose of the twisted knit stitch is to keep the knit stitches neat and tidy when stitches are dropped at the end; otherwise the stitches adjacent to the dropped stitch would loosen and look sloppy.

And this is a scarf with a deadline, for the International Scarf Exchange 6, wouldn’t you know. Plus, I was counting on lots of knitting time last Sunday and at least a bit on Monday [spent being ill] so I am not where I wanted to be. As in, done. Ah, well, I have no doubt that I will be done, and I have everything else together for my pal; but there is blocking time to consider as well!

Thanks for all the (bilingual!) good health well wishes. A particularly nasty stomach bug, and I’m not 100% yet, but well enough to finish this post that I started Sunday, and show my face at work briefly.

Everything’s late blooming this spring; our lilies of the valley are just barely starting to bloom, as you can see in the scarf picture above. These are one of my very favorite flowers. Our wedding anniversary is May 27th, and I wanted lilies of the valley in my bouquet, but turns out that’s too late for them by a couple weeks.


This year, it would have been good timing, apparently!