Daily Archives: May 10, 2008

I is for Icicle

Not so much this kind of Icicle

but this Icicle!

Yarn Pirate Booty Club Icicle yarn; Merino/Tencel, the December 2007 yarn.

As soon as I saw this yarn, I thought Scarf.

So when International Scarf Exchange 6 came along, and my scarf pal requested “anything but pink or earth tones”, I knew this yarn was meant to be for her. Particularly since this is a late spring exchange, and the Tencel blend feels ‘cooler’ to the touch; so this can be worn as a decorative fashion accessory now, or wrapped around the neck under a coat later in the year, for some extra warmth.

I debated and looked at patterns and swatched.

And in the end, came back to the first pattern I thought of:

The Waterfall Scarf, from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders (designed by Linda O’Leary).

(Here it is on Ravelry, for Ravelers; for those not on Rav, here’s a knitblogger showing her lovely version.)

Unfortunately, I’ve already had to frog it. I misremembered the directions as “repeat row 1 and 2 to desired length” when I was knitting it while away from home (at Sock Camp; I didn’t want to take the book and the directions were easy. Ha!.) And with something as easy as that, who checks?

But the directions really read, “repeat row 2 to desired length.”


So now I’ve started again, and have little to show you. Especially since this is a dropped-stitch pattern, where all the fun comes at the end when you deliberately drop stitches. Otherwise, it’s all twisted garter stitch, not as fast as I thought it would be to knit (particularly in fingering weight, even though the yarn is awesome), and not so exciting to knit.

But, before I frogged it, I did drop a column of stitches just to have fun and get a preview; so now you get a preview too.

Since this is the Waterfall scarf being made in Icicle yarn:

The obvious name will be the Frozen Waterfall Scarf.

You heard it here first, folks.

I is for Icicle.

(P.S. It’s ironic that I’m hearkening back to winter when it FINALLY seems to be spring. The leaves have just burst forth, a few flowering trees are starting to bloom, my tulips and daffodils are going great guns; our two weeks of spring are here!)

Bonus Front Yard Friday Eye Candy

I swore I hit publish last night; ah, well, here are last night’s tulips!

On coming home from work tonight, the front yard tulips were so pretty in the setting sun, that I had to share. Double bonus Front Yard Tulips!

Apricot Beauty.