Daily Archives: June 18, 2008

The Power of Bob

Bob who?

Margene knows!

The one and only Bob Dylan!

What mystic power does Bob have?

Well, just because I posted his pants on my blog last week, buried in the rest of the rock memorabilia, a link was put on a major Bob Dylan website called expectingrain.com.

That link generated over one thousand hits that day. Bigger even than the day that the Yarn Harlot linked the Tsock Tsarina and she linked me! (Granted, I think that if the YH had for some inexplicable reason linked me directly, I suspect it might have outnumbered Bob’s pants, since the two degrees of separation link was a fairly minor detail in Lisa’s post.)  I was one of WordPress’ “Fastest Growing Blogs” that day, there for everyone and their neighbor to see.

Just for that, I think I have to let you all admire Bob’s jeans (and guitar) again.

(Here are the pants of a thousand hits.)

The jeans are very faded black Levi’s, with silver buttons sewn on the outside seam, a couple missing. (These were obviously well-loved and well-worn pants.) As a commenter pointed out, it just doesn’t seem right to see Bob’s nether half barefoot, he needs boots. But apparently the Hard Rock Hotel doesn’t own any Bob Dylan boots and of course would not put boots of unknown provenance on. Someone needs to donate some authentic Bob boots so our sense of propriety is intact.

The guitar, as it said in the plaque, is an Everly Brothers (!) model Gibson J-180 guitar, used on stage and on the LPs “In the Groove”, and “Oh, Mercy”. Subsequently, Bob apparently went back to playing Martin guitars (hey, good choice, I have a Martin! Of course, I bought my husband a gorgeous Gibson J-200 for his 40th birthday, right before I presented him with a daughter the next day, and it’s a great guitar as well. Good-looking daughter, too.)

I walked by Bob’s pants many times a day while staying in the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, since I was on the Bob Dylan floor and the memorabilia and wall art are right by the elevators.

I have felt the power of Bob.


On a timely somewhat-knitting-related note, go see Franklin’s post from last night and find out about the power within YOU.