Daily Archives: June 16, 2008

Post-Sunny Weekend (Knitting) Update

A fair amount has happened on the knitting front since I last reported in.

I finished my mother’s Casbah (Ravelry link) socks (as modeled by the Gothlet):

She approves, despite usually having the woolen itchies! I love the knitted fabric of this yarn (superwash merino/cashmere/nylon blend by Fleece Artist); it’s wonderful.

Early in the week, I received the Sock Club Yarn from Twisted Fiber Art and, uncharacteristically, cast on with it immediately for a sock pattern in a book I just also got in the mail, Eclectic Sole by Janel Laidman, a great sock book.  Usually my sock club yarn marinates for some time before I knit it, as do patterns, but I was carried away this time.  Unfortunately, a pattern modification I made (doing a twisted knit traveling stitch for neatness instead of a plain knit stitch) is probably partly responsible for why the sock initially came out only big enough for the Gothlet (and since she’s about to hit a major growth spurt, I’m not making socks for her with premium hand-dyed yarn!  So I frogged and reknit already.

But isn’t this yarn cool?

The colorway is called Tonks, after the Harry Potter character (follow the link if you haven’t read the books or if you’re not recalling the significance of the colors), in yarn base Playful. The pattern I’m knitting is called Hypnosis (another Ravelry link; sorry if you’re not on Ravelry yet, I only link to Ravelry if the info isn’t available similarly elsewhere).

I also knit more on Wendy’s Diamonds and Purls shawl, but it looks the same, so no new pictures.  A pink lump in my lap when I don’t have it spread out.  But a pretty pink lump!

Lastly, I knit some more on the meeting sock, but after starting the heel, realized the sock leg was too narrow, so that’s going to the frog pond, too. Dang. I am a loose knitter, but not as much on small needles as I am on worsted-weight size needles (and I also knit tighter in stockinette in the round than I do in the flat). Plus I am an eternal optimist, so did not really grok the fact that it was too small till partway through the heel and then trying it on.  Since this sock is not planned for the Gothlet either (the only one it would fit in its current incarnation),  rippage will happen.  Ah, well.  Into each life, some frogs must jump.

I finished something else that’s a present, so will wait a bit to show you. Later this week!

Quite a productive week and weekend.  If only every day were WWKIP Day!  Ah well, I guess I need to work for yarn money sometime….