Daily Archives: June 28, 2008

M Coulda Been for Motorcycles

My M for the ABC-Along could have been for Motorcycles — if I were at all into Motorcycles.

Because under this rather dramatic Saturday Sky today

(which was happening between thunderstorms and sunshine), thousands of motorcyclists have been convening on my home town for the gala 50th anniversary celebration of S & S Cycle, a premier motorcycle engine manufacturing company, who are a local company and also recently opened a larger facility in La Crosse itself. There’s a huge motorcycle build-off happening, I hear.

We are talking tens of thousands of motorcycles here today, everywhere you go, but centered around downtown, the river and the Oktoberfest grounds. Downtown streets are closed to cars. It’s quite impressive.

About the time I was taking this picture, my husband was playing for a crowd of about 4000 (at least, that’s how many the space held, and the police were not letting more people in). Three encores & being invited to the VIP tent (talking to Jesse James) sounds like they were well received. I didn’t feel a need to be there, but I’m glad it went well. Apparently they’ve been asked to play at several more biker events now. . . . I’m not sure that’s the musical direction he’s pursuing (this is a tribute band that was put together for fun, more or less), but again, very flattering.

Me, after working this morning — I’m staying home & knitting. A little quieter, though fewer celebrities are involved.

The girls, too, had a quiet day hanging out with orange pets and iPods.

Each to her own! (I had some orange yarn, that worked for me as a pet.)

I hope your Saturday was spent doing something fun as well — whatever your definition of fun is!