Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

A Flower on the Edge (of Eye Candy Friday)

My peonies have been on the edge of blooming for two weeks now, I swear. They need some warmth. It’s warm and muggy here in Chicago; I don’t know about back home.

Based on your preferred rockers, I will happily traipse up and down the floors of the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago and show you all the cool stuff! The manager said it’s okay. (And may I add that you guys have very good taste. Sez me.)

Speaking of Rock, my Preteen’s garage band debuted today. I missed it. I am really bummed! This is a very good meeting (knitting opportunities aside) and I had planned to go for the last three months. And the Preteen, being a preteen, only told me a week ago that her band was going to play for the first time ever at the middle school talent show, on the last day of school. Never mind that the school didn’t really encourage parents to come due to space considerations; my husband was there; there is, hopefully, some photographic evidence. They played a Green Day song, “Holiday”, (link is to the live video on YouTube: warning, strong language in the intro) a pretty in-your-face anti-war song if you don’t know it. (Um, they had to leave out the lyrics of the bridge for school, a bit inflammatory perhaps. And needless to say, the intro was not the same, though perhaps implied….) She sings and plays electric guitar. She got a double dose of rock & roll genes, I think (though I embarrassed her when I wore a Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” T-shirt in public last weekend. “Mo-o-om! What are you wearing THAT for?” The two friends with her upbraided her: “That’s one of the greatest albums ever!” So double embarrassment; your mother doesn’t dress the way a mother is supposed to, and then your friends think she’s cool….)

But I wish I’d been there. Even Bob Dylan’s black Levi’s that I go by many times a day on my floor (not to mention his Gibson) doesn’t quite make up for it.

However, I had a great time in the gift shop buying souvenirs for my entire family of rockers.

I forgot to pack my camera cable, but Radio Shack is half a block away, and I bought a card reader that plugs into the laptop. So tomorrow night, I can show you what I’ve been up to, after the meeting.